Saturday, March 21, 2015

Exhausting Day! But good :)


Whew, this was a busy day and I'm beat...

I started out going to the gym at 9am and it was a killer workout!  Then I lifted weights for about 45 minutes, race off to the lab, showered, and worked for four hours.

It was still raining when I got home at 3pm but you could tell it was blowing on through and the blue sky was peeking through.

I waited until what looked like the last shower, then ran down to the pasture and grabbed Cartman.
He was, of course, a bit muddy on the parts not covered by his sheet- so I had to spend about 1/2 hour getting him cleaned up. 

Buddy layed down in the middle of a giant puddle, about 1/2 way through our ride.

I hooked up the trailer,  and even got it on the first try!  I have to admit, I love towing with the gooseneck but I hate hooking it up.

Walking in the deep sand

It was about 5:30 by the time I got to the parking lot at Cooks Ferry.  Buddy was along for the ride and he was just crazy excited to go out with the horse.  We headed out and did a big walk loop in the sand for about a mile then picked up a jog and headed down the trail.

we found a small wooded area.

Cowlitz river

I wanted to ride for as long as I could, not fast or too hard as he had almost a week off due to my schedule and the shoeing appointment that trumped our Thursday night ride.

Exploring the fishing shacks along the river

We did some exploring and ended up with an extra few miles by the time we made the turn to come back.  I did let Cartman walk a bunch in the deep sand.  I think he gets a pretty good work out even at the walk in the deep stuff.

We stopped to watch the train go by, across the river.

It was a beautiful evening.

I think we wore the dog out tonight!

We ended up with eight miles and I was pretty pleased with that!

Tomorrow I have to get the trailer packed up and ready to go to Prineville for a two day clinic with Celena Pentrack on Wed-Thur.  I'm really excited!! Keeping fingers crossed for good weather for this event :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fly By

I had a whole post typed out about our quick ride tonite.  Unfortunately I hit some stupid button on the laptop and just deleted 10 paragraphs at one time. 

So, I'm tired- here's the condensed version:

I've been tired since running the 5K Friday nite.

I was lazy all weekend and even missed my Monday morning work out.

I started a sugar detox on Monday- I wouldn't suggest doing this on the first work day after Daylight Savings Time.....

It has been awesome dry weather and I was able to lunge Cartman out in the paddock last night.

He got completely sweaty and looked Curly after 20 minutes on the lunge.

Today I made it to the gym by 5:30am and even got my extra weight training done after class.

Today I found out it is going to start raining again.

Since it is going to start raining again I had to get a quick ride in tonite.

turning grey again

Someone is REALLY excited!!!

Extra wide/Extra Tall and he still just fits

heading out

Cartman, Buddy, and I made it to the trail at 6:22pm

We did a lot of trot and lope but walked the long gravel road section as he does not have his pads on yet and they have added new gravel to part of it.

We made it 5.10 miles so I walked another 1 tenth of a mile to try and bump my Distance Derby Mile to Date up to an even number.

Despite the time change I still had to get out the headlamp to clean the paddock.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Perfect Sunday :)

It was a glorious day for riding!!!

Michelle and I headed out to what we hoped might be a new close-to-home conditioning trail just outside of Castle Rock. 

When we arrived at the parking spot we were greeted by two large Labradors behind a lovely black wrought iron fence just across the road from our parking spot.  The dogs literally barked their head off for about 10 minutes, but were wagging at the same time.

Cartman came out of the trailer in a huge snit (I suspect because of the barking) and I worried that I might be in for a wild ride.

We hand walked the horses down the road to go around the locked gate and found a place to get on just inside.  We were far enough away from the dogs that C had returned to his normal cool, calm, and collected demeanor. Whew.

We rode for 3 hours!!!! It was heavenly.  It was logging road, but a lot was old enough that you could safely jog or lope it.  Since we'd never been here before Michelle had tried to map out a loop for us using Google maps. 

Unfortunately the one section we needed to ride on the power lines to loop around to another logging road was far steeper than it appeared on the computer.  Nonetheless, we off roaded it through some overgrown logging trails and managed to get 10 miles in without backtracking too much.

There is one section that is an awesome hill climb.  It goes on, and on, and on.  Cinnamon was on her first real adventure with us out in the woods so we let them jog the hill when they thought they just couldn't climb up slowly anymore.

We took it pretty slow today but Cartman got a great work out in.  On the way back to the trailers both horses stopped and drank from puddles! 

We ran into a pair of ladies on Walking horses just as we were getting back to the trailers and they said they ride up there quite a bit and have several loops. 

This looks like a promising spot to ride this spring.

On the way home we stopped for coffee :) It doesn't get any better than a good ride and a good Americano!

When we got home I fussed with the computer trying to get these pictures to download for an hour.  I finally gave up and went and took a nap.

Then I went out, groomed up Cartman and practiced the massage I learned at the clinic last weekend.  He really seems to like this stuff (can't say I blame him!)  and he will stop eating to stand there and let me rub him, especially the neck and rump areas.  Happy horse :)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekend Fun

Finally it was the weekend! Yeah!!

Friday was a bit rough, when I went over to Safeway to get a Starbucks and the ingredients for the soup I was taking to the Clinic potluck my car died :(

My car has been fabulously dependable for the last 6 years... but there I was stranded.  I called my friend Mary K. (that I do the runs with) and she came over and got me. 

Then I had to arrange to have the car towed to the shop.  Believe it or not, I have never had a car towed (intentionally anyway) in my life!  Todd met the driver and gave him the keys, so that I could stay at work and try to get some stuff completed.

It was after 6pm when I finally got home and was pretty late by the time I actually got to preparing the Roasted Winter Vegetable soup I had volunteered to take for the Saturday lunch. 

Saturday morning was easy though, I got up and got ready and picked Michelle up at 7:30.  One good thing about waking up at 4:10 am during the week???  7:30 feels like sleeping in.

We made it up to Griffinwood in just over an hour and spent a fun day listening to Dr. Susan Garlinghouse.  I had heard several of her lectures at convention one year and so enjoy them.  It was really awesome to have her come to the NW and  I hope the new riders realized how lucky they are to have access to such a phenomenal horseman, vet, speaker, and Endurance rider!

It was a great clinic, although a little more basic than I had anticipated.  I particularly enjoyed the lecture on Metabolics and picked up some new information that I can apply to our rides this year.

We watched a demonstration on Equine Massage that was really cool.  I think Cartman would love it.

By the time we got done it was freezing!  We stopped by Starbucks and grabbed a hot coffee before heading home to Castle Rock.

Sunday was another gorgeous day!  It was a bit foggy early in the am, so I took the opportunity to get all the house cleaning and laundry done.

By 10 am I was outside trying to get Cartman cleaned up for a ride. 

I tried some of the massage on C. after I got him groomed.  He stood patiently and I actually got a yawn and some lip smacking with the massage on the scapula area!

I think I will add Equine Massage to my list of things to learn more about.

We headed down to the Cooks Ferry Trail about 1pm.  I had just gotten C tacked and I was heading out when Michelle and Cinnamon pulled into the parking lot.  I took C for a 1.5 mile spin in the sand while Michelle got tacked up.

Cartman and Cinnamon had never met before so we let them walk together a bit but kept a safe distance between the two.


Cartman was fascinated by Cinn. and kept trying to touch her nose.

They seem very compatible!  Their walk speed is comparable as was the trot.  We rode about 3 miles down the trail and then Michelle moved Cinnamon to the front.  I kept Cartman back a bit, so as not to crowd her.  Cartman started getting his snotty-tude on at this point.

This time I was in a better area for schooling, so I pulled him around and gave him a few boots with my foot.  He was able to maintain his composure (a bit) and we made it to the end of the path.  I told Michelle he was being naughty and that we were going to have a little attitude adjustment off in the sand!

I took C up to the top of the dredge spoils and we trotted and cantered about 1.5 miles.  When I pulled him up he was breathing pretty hard.  We spotted M. and Cinn. and headed back over to walk behind them again.  This time C was a little better and we headed back on the trail again.

We again tried the -follow and let your buddy go on routine- and he was pretty good.  As soon as he started getting  into a snit I pulled him around and made him trot and canter the other direction. 

I think we'll be doing some schooling on this this spring.

About 1/2 way back to the trailers we spotted a white Dodge behind us... it was Todd and the dogs!  We were curious how Cinn. would react to having Buddy with us, so I called out to him and he came running like a rocket!

Despite Buddy going right behind her back legs (Will he ever learn?????) Cinn was a rockstar with the dogs.  They went about a mile with us and then Todd picked them up while we headed back to the trailers.

It was a great day to ride :)  C and I ended up getting in 7.7 miles.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Three Rides so Far in February

I finally got over that nasty cold/flu bug and was able to start doing some training rides!

Sunday before last I hauled Cartman up to Red Rock and planned to do a slow 11 mile ride.  It wasn't raining but wasn't sunny and was just barely cool enough for a light jacket.

Naughty ears today

We headed out about 11 am and walked for about the first 2 miles.  We had to go though a trail cut in the woods at this point and it was surprisingly dry for February!  Once we got through that part I was ready to get moving out a bit, but just as we got down a short incline we were stopped by a downed tree.

It was a huge tree too. I looked on both sides but could see no easy way around.  So, plan two. We turned around and it was like I was suddenly on a different horse!  Cartman started hopping up and down in place and wanting to take off.  WTH??? 

Red Rock

Unfortunately this part of the road is an old logging road that hasn't really been used in a long time.  It is basically two ruts with a large slick mound of grass/mud in the middle and on each side of the ruts.  Not really room to circle or do any side passes or training moves.  I tried to stay relaxed and take hold of C.'s mouth enough to maintain control but not start a pulling match or make him feel too claustrophobic.

Finally we made it back up the incline to the wooded trail.  At this point he wasn't really getting much better and was really wanting to be naughty.  I actually had to get off!  In the back of my head of course was the fact that I was out there in the middle of nowhere and if I got dumped or hurt no one would likely find me for hours.  Oh, and no cell service.

I hand walked Cartman back through the slick wooded trail and then re mounted on the other side where the footing was better.

Cartman was agreeable to walking and doing a more controlled trot at this point so we headed back the way we came.  I did stop to explore two or three spurs that I hoped might get us to some more tail but sadly they were all dead ends or were also blocked by trees!

Mt St Helens

We ended up getting about 7 rather anxious miles and Cartman had finally found his brain again by the time we got back to the trailer!

This last Sunday we got almost 7 miles riding our local jogging path trail and doing a few loops through the dredge spoil sand areas.

trailer round up! I ran into a few riders out there in the sun.
While I was riding Todd was spending all weekend working on his '53 pick up.

battery box and battery installed

gas pedal and linkage installed

Uh, some type of fuel line?

Custom diamond plate to cover a gaping hole in the firewall

1953 gauges ready to install

still some work to do in here

Tonight I left work early enough to get a short 5 miler in on the jogging path again.  I rode a bit faster tonight and did a bit more canter.  Cartman feels like he will regain fitness pretty quickly but I want to make sure his legs are up to the harder packed trail we are relegated to this time of year.

trying to get a full body shot.

I will be going to an Endurance Clinic with Dr. Susan Garlinghouse this weekend so won't get to ride again until Sunday.