Sunday, April 29, 2012

Solo, or is that Duo?

Today was Cartman's first solo ride out in the woods.  I tried to explain to Todd over breakfast my concerns about the day.  Hmmph.  He wasn't getting it.  "Don't you ride him all the time out on the trail??  What's the big deal?"  Oh well.  The ride went so well I stopped on the way home and got this.


Just kidding, although I did like it well enough to stop a complete stranger in the store and ask them if I could photograph their tattoo.  I must be getting old, because I'm certainly getting less concerned about what strangers think!

She was really nice, so I showed her a picture of my Cartman:)

Anyway, here's a lot of pictures of what may be one of our more "boring" trails- Red Rock Road, Toutle, Wa.

ummm, where are our friends?

We have no friends today Cartman.

But, we're in the woods!!!!  Alone!!!!!!

We're not alone, Cartman.  We have each other.

I want to go home.

Oh, wait, these are pristine grasses.

Uh oh, I think I remember this hill.

Yes, Cartman, we're going all the way over.


still climbing.

Are we there yet??????

Not quite yet.

Now???? Are we there now????

Almost, C.



Today we crossed the road.

A little more climbing, Cartman.  Just a little.


I'm a Thoroughbred, I bet I can jump that.

No need for jumping today Cartman.

My way would have been a lot faster.

Slow and steady wins the race, C.

Don't mind me, while I suck down this puddle.

OMG, Karen you're not going to try and saw this one in two, are you?????

Nope, we'll "jump" it C. 

See why it's called Red Rock Road?

What's that??????  I spy my trailer :)

OK, hugs and beet pulp with carrots-NOW!!!!

Hidden carrots, yum.

Cute muzzle.

Nice even sweat marks.

Love the Specialized.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pictures of C

 Today I had one of the dreaded low barametric pressure headaches, I was going to take a lesson on Cartman but instead Shawn rode him for me while I took pictures.

Look Ma- no hands!