Friday, April 5, 2013

Bat Outta Hell

And this ain't no Meatloaf song!

Cartman got his new shoes on over a week ago, and last weekend we had our first real outing of the year (trails!!!!)

We went up to McLeary and rode with Michelle's friends Kristy and Laura.  What a blast!  The trails were lovely, not even soggy like our trails here will be for another few months. 

We parked and rode out from Laura's house for about 4 hours, covering around 12 miles and LOTS of hill.  I was concerned that C wouldn't be fit enough to enjoy this much the first real trail ride of the year but he did fine.  I was a bit sore the next day though!  I so wish we had the ability to ride from home here.

Tuesday I had the vet out to give everyone shots, so I gave C a few days off to recover.  The only horse that had any kind of reaction to the shots was Draol.  Her back legs stocked up, no heat though.  I gave her some Bute yesterday and today they do look a bit better.  They got the Five-Way, WNV, and Rabies.

The weather had been absolutely lovely for the last week or so.  Saturday we rode in t-shirts!  Unfortunately that good weather came to end yesterday.  The rain actually woke me up in the middle of the night it was coming down so hard. 

Nonetheless, I had determined that today I really had to get a ride in.  So after work I grabbed C and got him cleaned up then headed down to the jogging path.  I actually bridled and adjusted tack in the horse trailer because it was already raining pretty good when I got out of the truck.  By the time I had walked him 15 feet to a mounting log my saddle seat was wet.  Ick. 

But once we got to jogging it was wonderful!!! C was on fire!  He wanted to trot fast, fast, fast.  I had to keep checking him back as he was forging.  I believe some back toe might have to go next re-set. 

We did the five mile loop and he didn't really even break a sweat.  Woo hooo!!   I believe he may have stayed pretty fit over the winter after all.  And I can't believe how much I missed the feeling of riding out in the open,  I want more:)

Tomorrow we are off to Yelm to have our saddle fit checked by the Specialized Reps. and I can check one more item off my pre-ride season list.