Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Few *Jingles* Needed for Beau Dog

Those of you who read the Chronicles of the Horse Forum will know what this means.

 It is a long standing Coth tradition to jingle one's curb chains in an effort to send well meaning or healing wishes to another horseman or a sick animal.

Tonite we could use a few jingles for Beau Dog.  The vet believes he has gotten into some rat poison, but we won't know for sure until labs come back tomorrow. 

What we do know is that he is coughing up blood and his lungs are full of fluid (blood or infection).

He has been given a large dose of Vitamin K and is on antibiotics.  Until we know if this is working we have to somehow keep a 2 year old Shepherd calm and quiet.  Not an easy task, even when they are under the weather!

Believe it or not we don't have any 24 hour emergency vet care available in the immediate area.  So I got a very mixed message when I spoke with the vet on Saturday morning.  We had dropped Beau off at the clinic before work and she called soon after I got to the lab.  Telling me that I had a VERY sick dog, with a not very good prognosis, yet I needed to pick him up by 3pm.  WTF???  Great. 

It worked out OK though, he had quit wheezing and coughing for the most part and was content to just hang out on a blanket next to my chair all evening.

I spent last night sleeping on the couch with Beau bedded down on a fluffy pallet in the living room.  He is getting chicken breast and lunch meat, as he can't have anything that could scratch his throat or intestines due to the fact his blood won't clot properly.

We don't know how or where or exactly when he was exposed, so this raises its own issues of concern! 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

From Idaho... with love.

Today we made a trek down to Battleground to Maul's Hay.  We picked up two tons of 2nd cutting alfalfa and a one ton of Orchard grass hay straight from Idaho.

The orchard was being unloaded as we pulled in and it went straight onto our trailer, the alfalfa had been hauled a few days ago by the same trucker that was there today.  Apparently hay is moving pretty quickly this time of year! 

All was well and good until we got home and realized we have to unload this by hand.   I think my primal diet has really helped me, as I felt pretty strong and was able to pack the bales this time.  Last year my arms were so messed up and I was too weak to even put up local grass hay, so this is a very pleasant surprise. 

Todd had a few "helpers" when I came back out of the house from getting the camera, we were over half way done before I thought I should have taken a picture of the loaded trailer.  It was truly a beautiful sight.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


I haven't ridden in almost three weeks!!! Eeek, where does the time go?  First there was work troubles, then the "cough", then just as I was getting ready to bring Cartman up to the barn Sunday for a ride I noticed he had pulled one of his front shoes.  Sigh.

I knew we were on the edge with the shoes, I have him trimmed or shod every 6 weeks and he was at 8 weeks, his feet are growing like crazy (go figure?) and it's gotten muddy out in the field.  Oh, and he is turned out with his big brother- AKA "partner in crime".  They play a little.... shall we say, rough?

So, onto plan B.  I called the shoer to come out and pull the other three.  Time for some barefootin'.  C has surprisingly tough feet for a guy that goes in full pads for most of the year.  He has already adjusted to the fresh trim that was done Tuesday, but I plan on giving him a few more days- just in case.

So, this was a good time to schedule a little chiropractic treatment.  I may have mentioned in a previous post the slightly odd hitch C has at the walk.  I've never experienced anything like this with other horses.  He is completely sound.  He trots sound.  Seems to have no issues cantering or trotting.  But has an odd walk.  Maybe I'm imagining it?  Anyway, his chiro will be here soon to give him a thorough going over and re-fit my Specialized saddle.

In other news, Todd and I may head over to Madras Saturday to pick up some alfalfa.  Todd hears rumors today of outlandish hay prices headed our way.  The company he works for buys new semi tires frequently.  One tire went up over $150 in the last month.... so, everything is going to increase in price.

I have a phobia of not having good hay, so might try to get a little extra for this winter.