Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Will it ever stop?

Today I was desperate.  The vet was coming at 4:30 to give everybody their spring shots.  I haven't ridden my horse in 10 days.  We have a ride in 9 days.  I've got a nasty cough and feel basically, like crap.

I raced home at 2:45pm, grabbed Dazzby, groomed, tacked, and loaded by 3pm.

It was actually sunny as we drove into the parking lot.  We walked a short distance and then got to jogging.  She spooked at a large bush.  I almost fell off.  We trotted a bit farther and again with the spooking!
Again, I fell up on her neck this time.  I was starting to get a little annoyed.  She's 17, not 3 and we've ridden these trails literally hundreds of times.

I decided we needed to kick it up a notch.  Cantering in the deep sand is kind of a cheaters way to work down a high horse or ride a young horse that your not too sure about.  We headed off the gravel path and into the sand.

After yet one more spook and little kick out, she did finally settle down and cooperate.  We cantered until she was puffing a bit.  And called it a day. As I was cooling out is just started to pour!  Then it hailed!  Ack.  I jumped off and jogged back to the trailer with her,  threw on her cooler and headed home.

We were home by 4pm and ready for shots. 


AareneX said...

Nine days? We only have NINE days? Eeek.

Yeah, this weather needs to stop. It was sn*wing on my drive home last night. Bah.

AareneX said...

Okay, the ride is over, and both of us finished our rides...where's your report? and photos???

>>waiting impatiently<<