Friday, July 22, 2011

Fun Trip to the Beach

 Today was the day I've been waiting for- for over a week.  I had the day off work and Flo had invited me to go to the beach with friends. 

Last nite, I got home to find Cartman wired to the max, and missing a shoe.   Ugh.   I walked the big field and the little one and could not find it.  I called my farrier and left a message.  He is awesome and was here at 8:30 this morning to reset a shoe, good thing too because my wild man just happened to rip the other back one off while running in the paddock this morning!  I had put him in there to chill until we left but he used the time to practice his roll backs and starting gate sprints.  The shoe was right in front of the gate when I went to catch him.
We drove down to Warrenton and got ready to ride!  Our group of five headed out on the trails in the dunes (I was hoping to take the edge off before actually hitting the beach.)

Cartman did great!  He did get a bit excited at one point but came back to me nicely and was pretty good on the trails.

The beach itself was really crowded!  Everyone was soaking up the sun and playing.

Here are some pictures:


More Cartman :)

Guess who?

The dunes are fun to ride and seem to go on forever.

Hmmmm, wonder what's over that hill?

Oh my......

Just in case you thought we were all alone.

Back to the trailer- in one piece!

Having a little post ride snack.

What Cartman had actually had planned for the day.

Still enough energy to run with Mom.

Uh oh, shadows are starting to get kinda long.

Cartman's big brother Taj.


AareneX said...

Jealous!!!!! Great photos, wish I could join you!

CG said...

Hey, if you ever want to head south for a weekend let me know, we could take you to the beach and on some of our local trails that are fun. And I have a paddock or stall for your girls- and a spare bedroom too, if you ever pass thru Castle Rock!

Funder said...

Great pictures! That's a lovely beach... and a lovely Cartman!

CG said...

Thanks Funder. Its our three days of summer! Gotta enjoy them.