Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I've been so busy dealing with stuff, I haven't had a moment to blog lately!  I have been keeping up on my blog reading and have been enjoying it

In brief,

Todd and I went to Arkansas and visited my parents.  We had a great time and I do have a few pictures to post later.

Cartman went to Shawn while I was gone and came back lighter and more responsive than ever!  He really seems to be advancing by leaps and bounds and is SO FUN TO RIDE!  Cartman is learning the basis of a spin.  Ha ha, the thought of my big boy "reining" is pretty funny

I'm going to start taking a lesson a week to keep improving  Cartman and work on my horsemanship- I'm really excited for this.
I went to the local St. Judes benefit trail ride and had a great little 5 mile trail ride.  I did get to experience a first "buck" from Cartman.  Glen said he got about 1 1/2-2 feet of air.  C was a real gentleman about it.  Just gave the little buck and then came right back to me.  We then proceeded to do a little loping in the sand before continuing on a nice relaxed ride.

We hauled in reject gravel and some sand into our winter sacrifice paddock. Again. Ugh.

I cleaned out the barn and back stalls.  Taking out dividers between two stall to create a 14 x 24 stall.  More on that later.

Pinky blew yet another abscess.  I might have mentioned this abscess stuff before.  She had had a chronic absecess in her left front foot for over a year now.  It was x-rayed July 2010 and no bone inffection found.  The front of her hoof was resected and the abscess infection cleaned out.  I had to wrap her foot for 3 weeks and that is when she stomped and crushed my big toe, resulting in an abbreviated ride season for me last summer.

So, last week I hauled Pink to Greshem to the vet.  He took a look at her foot, rasped a bit of toe and said it looks like a Keratoma.  The x-ray confirmed the diagnosis.  A benign tumor between the laminae and hoof wall.  Mystery solved at last.n

Monday I hauled Pink back to the vet for surgery.  They called and left a message that she came thru great and I will pick her up tomorrow at 2pm.  I will have pictures.  She will be staying in that big stall I made for her last weekend for 3 weeks to a month.

Cartman and I did about an hour ride in the sand and jogging path today.  It was wonderful!!!


Funder said...

Oooh, Arkansas! So close to my home. It's so backwards but I love it. Glad Cartman's doing well. Sucks about Pinky, but it sounds like you're finally on track to fixing the problem - yay!

CG said...

I love it too, got to see the sun for a whole week! I did some time in Mississippi too- back in the 1970's. Did you know there are people out there that don't know what Kudzu is? :)