Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Proof I'm actually Riding, and a kitten video :)

Today I had the day off work (use it or lose it before year end).  When I got up it had snowed a tiny bit but the sun was shining.

I ran down to get Cartman and his older brother Taj slipped out the gate on me- I had not had any coffee yet.  So I'm out there chasing Taj around the yard as he'd run all the way up to the house.  I finally caught him by letting him go into one of the stalls.  Yikes.

After the escapee was securely replaced in the field I grtabbed Cartman and we headed back up to the house.

Thanks to his blanket grooming was a pretty easy deal and I was making good time.

I had C saddled and the trailer hooked up just as the sky was turning a little darker grey...

It was getting really chilly and a little breezy. 

I have yet to actually get out winter coat this year- some type of subconscious rebellion against the dreaded rain season.... or my primal diet, I'm not sure exactly why.

But I decided it was time, and I needed my gloves too.

So I spent another 15 minutes looking for the gloves that have been kicking around all summer.   No luck.

I looked everywhere.

I finally decided that I probaly could ride in barn chore gloves.  By now it was sleet/snowing again.  Agh!!!

I threw Cartman's cooler over his saddle and off we went.

Here's proof- you can't actually see the precipitation in the photos but we only made if 45 minutes before I was freezing!!!


Amber Z. said...

That kitty was meant to be! Did you name her Fetch, cuz she sure does that well! We'll have to get over there and meet her in person :D

HHmstead said...

That looks like a Cold Ride! Even without your description! Just put our June lesson on my new 2012 calendar!