Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Knot Head

Me, not my horse:) 

I was feeding Cartman his beet pulp and electrolyte mash this evening after a relaxing 2 hour trail ride.  I'd noticed some of the dreaded bot fly eggs on his front legs in our pre-ride grooming session but hadn't had time to scrape them all off.  So, I decided to do a quick scrape job as he ate his grain.

Stupid me, I leaned over to get some on the inside of his left front leg, just as the dogs tore off after a neighbor dog.  C isn't a big spook but he basically spooked in place- with his front legs flying out and smacked me right in the head.  I went rolling across the stall.  Ouch. 

It swelled up into a goose egg immediately but no dizziness or anything so I think its just going to be sore.

Apparently I should have left my helmet on tonite!

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AareneX said...


WV: "vedypar" - British slang adjective. "Taking off your helmet before bedtime was a vedypar decision."