Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I'm scared to jinx it, but on Sunday I took Cartman out for a quick 5 mile jog on the jogging path  (the woods are closed due to fire danger.)

We jogged and loped and he didn't cough one time!

I had heard him coughing on Thursday when I turned him out after having his shoes reset.  I was prepared to call the vet on Monday and report that it wasn't working. But now I am crossing my fingers that we are getting this under control.

I have decided to get a heart rate monitor.  I'm paranoid that I might not notice when he is having troubles, and being a TB I can't count on him to pull up on his own no matter what breathing troubles he is having.

I want one that is also a GPS and requires no tech experience to operate:) 

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HHmstead said...

Glad the cough is Over!