Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Ride

I had a great ride today with Cartman and Buddy.  We went up to the local trails and spent about 3 hours out there.

Our long conditioning hill was opened back up, as the timber company had replace a huge culvert and the road  had been impassable for several months. 

We trotted and galloped the hill and at one point spooked up about 6 really large elk.  Luckily Buddy was behind us when we faced off with them and I was able to keep him from chasing them.

Several times he did take off after deer or some smaller animal, I decided to see if he would come back and catch up to us instead of stopping and waiting and calling him.  Both times he soon came tearing up behind us after a few minutes.

I'm getting better at trusting him not to get lost!

Cartman was really good, especially after having two weeks off.  I had planned on riding him last weekend and then several times last week but we had some really irritating problems this week with our neighbors that caused a lot of undue stress, and then I got a sore throat/cold! 

I think things are under control again and I'm getting over the little cold thing so I think we are back in action now.

Work has been completely crazy and I expect it to get nothing but worse over the next month or so:(

I'm still planning on going to Jubilee Ride in October so hopefully we'll be able to stay on track until then!


AareneX said...

Glad you got out, see you at Jubilee!

Jonna said...

Yay for Buddy! sounds like you had a really nice ride.

HHmstead said...

Sounds like your "neighbors" are similar to ours... Couple places up our way for sale! :-) Thinking of Jubilee too~