Sunday, September 7, 2014

Escort Service

Today Cartman got to escort Rosie, Michelle's new endurance mount, on her first ride out in the woods!

We left early at about 8:30am and wouldn't you know it there was a traffic jam at the trailhead:)  We pulled in first and then a few ladies we know pulled in and then who should show up but Flo!  It was nice getting to visit for a few minutes with everyone.  We were on a time schedule so didn't stay too long talking.

Rosie got a little excited by all the commotion but M got her tacked up and was on pretty fast.  I jumped on C and off we went.

We did a lot of just walking and letting the new horse get used to the wooded trail.  In many areas they are brushing up against Salal and vine maple and it can get a bit "rustly".  Rosie was really forward though and after a about 1/2 mile she went in front for a bit.

Cartman seemed to enjoy having a new buddy to hang out with and he's pretty calm natured so it ws a good combo.  We did a little bit of trotting where the trail was pretty perfect and did a lot of climbing, stepping over logs, and roots, etc.  Rose seemed completely unfazed by the whole thing and didn't stumble once!  Yeah, good prospect for a trail horse!

We crossed the stream twice successfully and then ended up heading back the same way we went in.

It was a very good first ride with the new trail buddy!


Jonna said...

its always so nice when those firsts are generally uneventful. Sounds like a nice rice and Rosie will be a fine prospect!

HHmstead said...

Sounds & looks like a really good ride! Non-eventful is always so nice!