Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oct-Nov in Pictures

Buddy and I

Todd and Nick

2014 Pumpkin crop

When is started raining I found something hidden in my hay barn!

One last ride before pulling shoes,  early Nov.

sky was pretty that day

Cartman grows a thick coat this year

Cartman sneaks up on Buddy,

Pretending to graze

Just a little closer

Buddy pretends to be unconcerned

Cartman can't help it, he likes to herd things...

Headed north in late Nov.

Saw some pretty things, including this scarey narrow bridge- Todd warned me about it!

Hmmmm, who is this?

She can lope in a tiny tiny round pen!

Doesn't she look like Cartman in the face?

Michelle brings home a new mare! By the same sire as Cartman :)

Getting ready to Turkey Trot on Thansgiving with my friend Mary and her daughter

Thanksgiving- Paleo style
Spent the evening watching Marshawn!
Todd is back to working on the truck, early Dec.

Buddy and I

Going for a run on the Castle Rock path


Cartman and I getting ready to haul to the arena early Dec.
 Friday am is our first dressage lesson! Will report back then.


Amber Z. said...

I may be there to see your lesson, lol. Might be working that day, not sure yet, though! :D

CG said...

Cool! Maybe you can take a picture for me if you are there?

Jonna said...

Cartmans half sister is cute! they definitely have a similar face!.
I attempted to do a Paleo Thanksgiving a couple of years ago.. it wasn't a hit with the rest of the family:(

Enjoy the dressage lessons.. keep us posted

irish horse said...

Love all the photos, especially where you get to ride, always fun to see where everyone goes.

And go Hawks!

I also think the photo of Todd and Nick is adorable, though I'm not sure which one is the cute dog and which one is the cute man... 8-)

HHmstead said...

Great story with the photos! You two are staying busy as ever!