Thursday, February 19, 2015

Three Rides so Far in February

I finally got over that nasty cold/flu bug and was able to start doing some training rides!

Sunday before last I hauled Cartman up to Red Rock and planned to do a slow 11 mile ride.  It wasn't raining but wasn't sunny and was just barely cool enough for a light jacket.

Naughty ears today

We headed out about 11 am and walked for about the first 2 miles.  We had to go though a trail cut in the woods at this point and it was surprisingly dry for February!  Once we got through that part I was ready to get moving out a bit, but just as we got down a short incline we were stopped by a downed tree.

It was a huge tree too. I looked on both sides but could see no easy way around.  So, plan two. We turned around and it was like I was suddenly on a different horse!  Cartman started hopping up and down in place and wanting to take off.  WTH??? 

Red Rock

Unfortunately this part of the road is an old logging road that hasn't really been used in a long time.  It is basically two ruts with a large slick mound of grass/mud in the middle and on each side of the ruts.  Not really room to circle or do any side passes or training moves.  I tried to stay relaxed and take hold of C.'s mouth enough to maintain control but not start a pulling match or make him feel too claustrophobic.

Finally we made it back up the incline to the wooded trail.  At this point he wasn't really getting much better and was really wanting to be naughty.  I actually had to get off!  In the back of my head of course was the fact that I was out there in the middle of nowhere and if I got dumped or hurt no one would likely find me for hours.  Oh, and no cell service.

I hand walked Cartman back through the slick wooded trail and then re mounted on the other side where the footing was better.

Cartman was agreeable to walking and doing a more controlled trot at this point so we headed back the way we came.  I did stop to explore two or three spurs that I hoped might get us to some more tail but sadly they were all dead ends or were also blocked by trees!

Mt St Helens

We ended up getting about 7 rather anxious miles and Cartman had finally found his brain again by the time we got back to the trailer!

This last Sunday we got almost 7 miles riding our local jogging path trail and doing a few loops through the dredge spoil sand areas.

trailer round up! I ran into a few riders out there in the sun.
While I was riding Todd was spending all weekend working on his '53 pick up.

battery box and battery installed

gas pedal and linkage installed

Uh, some type of fuel line?

Custom diamond plate to cover a gaping hole in the firewall

1953 gauges ready to install

still some work to do in here

Tonight I left work early enough to get a short 5 miler in on the jogging path again.  I rode a bit faster tonight and did a bit more canter.  Cartman feels like he will regain fitness pretty quickly but I want to make sure his legs are up to the harder packed trail we are relegated to this time of year.

trying to get a full body shot.

I will be going to an Endurance Clinic with Dr. Susan Garlinghouse this weekend so won't get to ride again until Sunday.


lytha said...

Top of our list for our July visit: Mt St Helens. J has never seen it!

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Jonna said...

Short rides are better than no rides.! Glad he was only mildly naughty ... lots of naughtiness abounds.. SPRINGTIME!

HHmstead said...

Have fun at the clinic! Glad you're back in the saddle! Bad C! More miles :-)