Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fly By

I had a whole post typed out about our quick ride tonite.  Unfortunately I hit some stupid button on the laptop and just deleted 10 paragraphs at one time. 

So, I'm tired- here's the condensed version:

I've been tired since running the 5K Friday nite.

I was lazy all weekend and even missed my Monday morning work out.

I started a sugar detox on Monday- I wouldn't suggest doing this on the first work day after Daylight Savings Time.....

It has been awesome dry weather and I was able to lunge Cartman out in the paddock last night.

He got completely sweaty and looked Curly after 20 minutes on the lunge.

Today I made it to the gym by 5:30am and even got my extra weight training done after class.

Today I found out it is going to start raining again.

Since it is going to start raining again I had to get a quick ride in tonite.

turning grey again

Someone is REALLY excited!!!

Extra wide/Extra Tall and he still just fits

heading out

Cartman, Buddy, and I made it to the trail at 6:22pm

We did a lot of trot and lope but walked the long gravel road section as he does not have his pads on yet and they have added new gravel to part of it.

We made it 5.10 miles so I walked another 1 tenth of a mile to try and bump my Distance Derby Mile to Date up to an even number.

Despite the time change I still had to get out the headlamp to clean the paddock.


Jonna said...

Awesome job on the 5 K. When I did the first , well only, one, it took me a couple days to feel back to myself as well. I had to train alot for a distance most people seem to be able to do with no problem! Suffice it to say I am not much of a runner. As for your ride, a short ride is better than no ride. Cartman looks great. I didn't realize he was so big that you needed a trailer with extra room! I am hoping that won't be the case with my colt.!

CG said...

Hopefully your guy stops growing at a more reasonable size! Cartman's Mom is a lovely 15.1 hands, Dad is about 16 hands- I don't know what happened!