Sunday, June 7, 2015

How I Once Again Missed One of My Favorite Rides.....

Last Friday morning I got up early and was back from the gym by 6:30.  I finished packing a few things out to the horse trailer and headed down to the pasture to bring Cartman up.

I like to let him eat some alfalfa before I put him in the trailer to go to a ride, and that way I can get him cleaned up and can take a shower right before I load and go.

The weather was looking perfect and I was pretty excited to ride the 50 at Klickitat.

Cartman was grazing out by the neighbors fenceline so I had to hike out to catch him.  Dazzby thought I was after her, apparently, and she promptly trotted off towards the other end of the field, Girly followed her.

Cartman continued to eat grass for a minute then started jogging off to join the others.  I watched in disbelief as he head-bobbed his way past me.  Crap.  I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing and I followed them down to the other end of the field.  I finally caught up and put Cartman's halter on.  We did a trial jog.  He was pretty lame.

I examined his left front but only found the slightest bit of filling and a tiny scratch behind the pastern.  The scratch did not look fresh, but more like a day or two old scab. 

He had been completely sound the night before when I went out to feed dinner because I had seen him trotting and playing in the arena.

I brought him up to the barn and cold hosed his lower leg for a bit. Then gave him a gram of Bute and poulticed his leg.  I debated whether to leave him up in the barn but decided that it would be better to keep him moving a bit.  I turned him back out.

That is how I missed the Klickitat Trek for the second time :(

A few days later he was much improved but still off at the jog.  I had about decided that it was an abscess brewing and called my farrier.  As luck would have it, he would be here a few days later to trim the other horses and we could pull C's shoe and hopefully find the problem.

When Gary arrived he immediately pulled Cartman's shoe and got out the hoof testers.  Despite his best attempts he could find absolutely no reaction to the testers.   WTH????  I had been convinced it was his foot.  Luckily Gary was able to tack the shoe and pad right back on, even using the same nail holes. 

Since Cartman is due for new shoes in two weeks it was best not to have to put any extra nail holes in his foot. 

We got the other horses trimmed up and after Gary left I took Cartman out and put him on the lunge line.  I could see just the slightest bit of gait abnormality.  If I hadn't been looking for it, I may not have even noticed it.

I decided to give him until Fri or Sat and then go back to training.

Saturday I was up at 6:30, well actually I was up at 3:00am, but was able to go back to sleep for a bit, thank god.

Anyway I went down and grabbed Cartman out of the field to make sure he was going to be up to a ride with Michelle and Cinnamon.  He looked great! He was a bit dirty, but nothing that a bunch of grooming wouldn't fix.

Michelle picked us up at 9:30am and we were off to ride our favorite local trails for the first time this year.  There was a bit of mud but it was so awesome to be back on real trails, not just logging roads!

Cartman was a bit of a brat when we first started out and Cinnamon was in front.  I think I have let him get way too accustomed to being in front.  It's hard because he has a nice fast walk and I hate choking him down behind slower horses but I think it might be time to address the problem before it becomes worse.   He was pretty good following as a youngster so I know he can do it. 

I  hope to work on this issue a bit at the clinic that I'm going to next weekend.  I am fully willing to admit that part of the problem might be me..... I also like to be in front and I'm sure Cartman picks up on this as well. 

everybody's making hay

Michelle and Cinn.

Cartman's favorite part of the ride, stuffing his face.

This is a happy rider and her TB mare

We rode for almost 7.5 miles, mostly at the walk as this was the first ride for both horses after having some soundness issues.  I think the long walk, which included lots of hills and technical trails was great for these two horses that were pretty convinced that we were just going to get on and go, go, go!

Today Cartman had the day off.  It was fairly hot and so I decided to bring him up to the house so that I could mow down the field.  Since his bout with the allergies two years ago I am very cautious to move him to the house paddock any time I mow, or my neighbor starts mowing hay. 

I could be riding today....

instead I'm living the glamorous farm life....

This view makes it worth it though.

C was again completely sound.   I am hoping that it was just a transient issue that doesn't show up again!

When I got home Todd and his friend were preparing to pour a landing step on our back patio.  It is the last task that needs to be completed for us to get the final permit sign-off on our family room addition.

getting the form ready.


I think it turned out very nice.


irish horse said...

Horses, they have the best timing! Sorry you missed the ride, but glad it didn't appear to be a lasting issue.

You write "I hate choking him down behind slower horses but I think it might be time to address the problem before it becomes worse. " A thousand times yes! This is what I am constantly managing, it is a hassle, and like you, probably because he wants to be in front and is brave and bold I let him. I do like to go out with slower friends and we lead for a bit, then I make Major follow. I laugh at his crabby ears and make him "deal with it." I think it has helped (though at an endurance ride its a whole other issue..."

AareneX said...

I wondered why I didn't see you in camp!

CG said...

Thanks for the comment Irish, I was thinking I would start making him follow a little later in the ride, after he's blown off some steam. LOL< I would like to teach him to follow, and am trying to find a way to do it w/o teaching him to buck me off :)

Aarene, yup- I was sulking :) Hopefully I can catch up to you at Bandit???

Jonna said...

well , timing is such a pisser sometimes, isn't it? But glad it resolved relatively quickly. Cartman looks great! you will just be more ready for the next ride. That porch will be quite nice for sitting and relaxing on in the evenings!

HHmstead said...

Unreal... So darn sorry to read this post! Glad it was minor & hope to see you at a ride again this season! Bet you're enjoying the family room!