Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bandit Springs 2015

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We headed over to the Ochocos for the 25th Bandit Springs Ride. 
It has not rained for months, yet as we came through Prineville water was running 8 inches deep in the ditches.  It was thunder and lightening, right in the direction we were heading.

We made it to ride camp and there was a brief clearing that gave us a good opportunity to set up camp.  I did make sure and turn the trailer around heading out, just in case the roads became really muddy.  Plus I like to know we are ready to go quickly in case of fire.

Ride meeting was fun, we saw some familiar faces and enjoyed cake!

It rained over night, I woke up hearing it on the trailer roof and was glad we had put rain sheets on the ponies and didn't have to try to do it in the rain, with a headlamp.

The next morning it was pretty clear though and we headed out, around 8am? I can't remember exactly what time it was. 

Cinnamon got a bit excited at the start, we had to go down a road out of camp and we had several groups of horses in sight.  We went ahead and let them trot as soon as the road opened up and we had a clear path. 

Cinn. started going faster and faster, so we put the 1200lb brakes in front of her.  C was really good about it, I worried a bit that he might get amped up as well but he was pretty content.  I could hear a fire-breathing dragon behind us though!

About 1 mile out we had to cross a small ditch.  It was one of those downhill, into some muddy area, and a small stream deals.  I had to encourage Cartman to go and for a few minutes I thought we were stumped as Cinn. refused to cross.  Michelle got off, and used her long reins as a lead to get across and send Cinn through as well. Whew!

The ride was really nice, beautiful country.  Before I could believe it we were at the vet check!  We had to wait a bit longer that scheduled but I didn't mind.  It was quite relaxing and the horses got to eat their fill.

Finally we were back out on the trail.  About 2 miles out though the weather took a real turn for the worst.  It started just dumping on us. Ugh.  I had ditched my sweatshirt at the vet check so was soon wearing a clingy wet t-shirt. Yuck.  I had a rain jacked tied on back but it was really too warm for me to even consider putting it on. Plus, I was already soaking wet.

We trudged on, trotted anywhere it looked promising and walked, and walked, and walked through the slick mud.

The long walking sets just make me tired and sore, so I was really happy when we got back the road outside of camp.  So happy that I just turned right and cantered back in.  Ooops.

We had already unbridled when the pulser asked us which way we had come in.  I knew pretty much as soon as he started to ask what we had done. Crap.  They had been really clear at the ride meeting that this years ride did not come in on the road. 

We had 3 miles? to go.  We were dry at this point but the sky was threatening again.  Oh, the temptation to just stop right there and get out of those soaking boots and tights....

So, we rebridled the horses, I apologized to the horses and we headed back to where I'd gone off trail. 

Those last three miles were brutal.  It absolutely poured on us and water was running down the middle of the trail so hard we had to try to stay on the side on all the hills.  It was becoming rather slick.

Finally we returned to camp.  We both vetted through and got completions!

Michelle's mare Cinnamon- see the family resemblence?

Stocking up on fuel for tomorrows ride

Ride meeting

25 year anniversary cake for Bandit Springs Endurance Ride

Still eating, must be anticipating a long ride.

Michelle and Cinmamon

These TBs know how to take care of themselves!  At the half way vet check

Beautiful trails

Still dry, still smiling.

Ruh roh.

C is not pleased

Into the tree we go

The last half of the ride looked like this

OMG, soaking wet, still smiling!  M. and Cinn. after completion.

Love the ride awards this year :)

Ha ha, C must have heard rumors of a multi-day- still stuffing his face!


The Equestrian Vagabond said...

I know, it was WET, right? And beautiful. And WET. Did I say WET? and muddy. But fun! :)
- The Equestrian Vagabond

Dom said...

Love that ride award!

HHmstead said...

A ride I've always wanted to do - glad I didn't this year! :-) Sounds like you two made the very best of it! Congratulations on your completion!