Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Aug- Oct 2015 Plus Vacation

MRRT LD, photo by Cassidy Rae
We took a "vacation" in August to do some work on our house in preparation for selling it.  It was a whole week of work but we did go out to dinner and breakfast a few times for fun.

Replacing the front porch with Trex decking.

We did the steps too, but I must not have gotten a picture
Buddy enjoyed the vacation
log train in Rainier Or

Three coats of paint to cover up white door!

Todd paints the back porch

We found a house that we want to buy and made an offer on Friday, so it was all ON after that- we had five days to list the house for sale.

Amber and Michelle came over and helped me clean out stuff and pack up stuff so that it would look presentable for showings.  Oh my God!! I took 6 garbage bags of stuff to Goodwill and Erik took another SUV load for me as well. 

We made two or three trips to the dump.  It was amazing.

Long story short.  We listed on Friday, no showings until Monday.  The first people to look at the house made an offer and we had one other offer the same day.  We accepted the first offer and then it was the waiting game.

Michelle and I did the St Judes Fundraiser Ride in Castle Rock

We watched football!

Roger and I always dress up for the games
Michelle and Cinnamon at Northrup Horse Camp

Northrup Camp, logging roads

Million Dollar View

Finally, signed on our house last Wednesday and are hoping to sign on our new house next week.  Meanwhile we are renting our house back and packing!!!

Well, except that I had planned to go to MRRT ride and just had to get that last ride of the season in!

Aside from being extremely photogenic, Cartman also loves the Seahawks!!



AareneX said...

It was great to see you and C at the ride!

HHmstead said...

Great post - Nothing like movin' on & getting a fresh start in a new place! Congratulations on finding that spot! Glad to hear you got to a ride too! Love the photos!