Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nice Rides!

I have been having such fun riding Cartman out on our trails that I haven't even been taking new pictures, just enjoying the rides!

Cartman's leg is almost, almost healed all the way.  I am still putting a little Neosporin on it, hoping to totally avoid a scar.

We've been climbing hills, crossing streams, jumping logs, and he's really sure footed! Whew!  That's a real blessing to me.  I really wanted a horse that I could trust to find a good path along the trail without me micro-managing.

I'm trying to do some arena-type work once a week out in the field (while its dry!) we're practicing bending, doing circles (no they aren't really round yet :), and moving off the leg.  I have a lead on a possible dressage instructor for some winter lessons.

Other than that I've starting to get pretty busy at work, so time may be limited for a while.  Hope everyone else is enjoying the late summer weather!


Shannon said...

How was your trip to Reno-did you have a good time? Hope to see you & Cartman at Bare Bones; we miss you!

CG said...

Hey Shannon! Reno was really fun, I may just do an OT blog post on the trip when I get a chance. Lots of horse properties down there too.
Give Mojo a pat for me!

Funder said...

Glad to hear Cartman's almost well!