Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cartman or Wildman? Thoroughbred or Terrorbred?

Well, it thrns out you just can't fight genetics.

Today I took C out for a quick jaunt on the jogging path.  We are planning on the Trail Ride at the Bare Bones Ride in three weeks and I wanted to get in some jogging during our ride today.

C was well-behaved, he would totally walk out nicely on a loose rein.  But when I would ask him for a nice relaxed trot he would take off like a Bat Outta Hell in this awful upside down pulling trot. Ugh.  Pulling???
Where did that come from?  He's usually quite light in the bridle.

I just kept stopping him, backing him, making him move laterally across the path and finally did a lot of walking on the last two miles back to the trailer.

When we got to the trailer I made him canter in big circles in the sand- he was still wound but managed to contain himself and build up quite a lather. 

It was an odd, slightly disconcerting ride but I never felt out of control or anything.  We had a few carrots, a good brushing and fresh fly spray before turning him back out with Mom and Brother.


AareneX said...

I'm glad that Cartman got his brain back (mostly)...but if you ever want to join Team Sensible, I know of a few nice standardbreds wanting a home! >g<

See you at Capital Forest!

WV: hopla
a small shindig, slightly more reasonable than a "hoopla."

CG said...

If I didn't already have 6 TBs, the two other horses I would probably own would be a STB and a TW!