Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Road Not Taken

I actually took this road on Sunday, but it reminds me of that poem.

It was about 5-6pm when we hit this part of the trail, it was starting to get a little dark in the deep woods.

 It was a ride of firsts.  Here we lead the way down into the creek crossing, for the first time.

 Here Cartman takes his first drink from a stream!  I was so excited, we've ridden thru here probably 10 times in the last few months, and he would never drink.  Later, on the crossing heading back to the trailer he took another sip of creek water.  :)  Its the little things, ya know!

Today I started packing up stuff for the Bare Bones ride.  I'm getting a little nervous!  First time camping for Cartman, first time going through vet-in, ride camp, and being surrounded by a LOT of horses.  EEEK.  I keep telling myself, "Its only the trail ride!"

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HHmstead said...

Yea... & guess what??? You & he did GREAT! I still get & just Hate the pre-ride jitters! It takes till we've been on the road about 30-min. for me to finally settle down!