Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shoe Trouble

After our wild ride Wednesday I gave C the next day off.  Friday I rushed home after a very long work day to get a quick ride in with Michelle.  I ran out to the field and grabbed C.  We headed back up to the barn and when we hit the blacktop driveway I was greeted with three clinks and a thud.  Crap.  Cartman was missing his left hind shoe.

Now, after having to call and cancel our Tuesday ride because of a lost shoe.  I was determined not to do it again.  I was driving tonite, after all.

I turned C around and let him go.  I grabbed Dazzby.  I've been meaning to ride her at least once more before pulling her last set of shoes this year.

She was filthy!  OMG the dust that came off that mare.  Embarrasing really, she looked like a half-bucksin.  I changed out the saddle fitting cushions, saddled, and Dazz jumped into the trailer.  She really looked kind of pleased.

Wow, what three months off can do for a horse.  Instead of dragging me down the trail, she was totally content to dawdle along.  She never did any of the tripping or develop the pissy attitude that she displayed on our last attempt at a ride. 

We did an easy hour and 20 minutes on forested trails, windy single track with some elevation changes but nothing too steep or hilly .  She had her ears up the whole time!  Yeah!!!!

I did kinda feel like I was riding a Thelwell pony though, lets just say she's put on a few pounds over the summer.  :)

The shoer is coming tomorrow to attend to C.  I am at a loss for what to do.  The abscesses from last year are at the point where I think they are causing his shoe troubles.  I had  hoped to have him re-set once more and then pull shoes in Oct.  I sure wish he had inherited his mothers feet!


AareneX said...

Is Cartman taking any kind of biotin supplement? That was "helping" my horse so much that my farrier asked me to quit giving it to her--her shoes got to be nearly impossible to pull off with the pullers!

Worth a try, it's cheap.

WV: "adeoat"
equine feed supplement

CG said...

I've had him on SmartPak's SmartHoof supplement (20mg Biotin)since the summer of abscesses
Which brand were you using on Fee? It might be time to try something different. Perhaps he isn't metabolizing this one well.

HHmstead said...

When you mentioned "dirty"... I was embarrassed when I rode yesterday. I'd brushed Khari till the dust flying in the air about choked me! We were walking back to the trailers when my hand brushed her shoulder. I felt something yucky - looked down & my hand was covered with chocolate colored foam! My entire gray mare was the color of a foamy chocolate latte! Disgusting! Once home, I gave her a bath & still could not BELIEVE the dirt coming off her! What's worse, dust or mud? :-)