Monday, December 26, 2011

Post Holiday Ride

The forecast said "rain after 10am."  I dashed through morning chores and grabbed Cartman.

He was a little surprised.

I might as well chew the rope.

At the parking area
 About this time Michelle called to see if I wanted to ride!  Well, yes, I do, come join us!

A little warm up

A little trotting, and killing some time while we waited.

I got on and rode around in the sand. 

I was SO PROUD!!!!

No, its not a mistake.

 So, in case your wondering, why two pictures of Cartman just standing there?
Well, I was so happy with him, that's why!

Anyone that's ever had a five year old TB might understand, and I imagine anyone with youngster of any breed could understand.  He stood still for almost 5 minutes.  No fussing, no fidgeting, no noodling around.  Stock still.  Now this might sound very silly, but if you've ever had a horse that won't stand you know what an accomplishment this can be!

At this poind Michelle pulled up with her truck and trailer and we rode for a while.  I, as usual, got so distracted with chatting that I completely forgot to take any more pictures. 

So, I'll leave you with a pictorial description of why I haven't ridden, until today, for two whole weeks!

On the left, christmas reindeer.  On the right?  Aliens? The Chupacabra?

Final product.

Almost done.


AareneX said...

I'm dizzy from the sugar fumes eminating from your blog--beautiful!

AareneX said...

...and CONGRATS on holding-still boy, too!

Funder said...

I would never believe this post if there weren't pictures! Your 5 yo stood still?! My nine year old has just learned how to do that! :O And omg those cookies are SO CUTE. Love them!