Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cartman/Karen-2 Rainycrap-0

Ha!!!! How do you like that Mr Doom and Gloom Weather.com?

C and I did about 7 miles today and didn't get wet :) 

We dodged rain and snow and managed 1 1/2 hour ride in the sun.  Amazing.  It was really fun and he was very well behaved.  We worked on changing speed at the trot, I'm trying to get him to do this without using rein cues and only seat and leg.  Its definately a work in progress.

Hope everyone else gets some sunny rides in!

We have two months to go until Mt. Adams :)  I think he'll surely be fit enough for a 25 there.


AareneX said...


CG said...

No, sadly we won't make it to HOTR this year. Hopefully next year though, I LOVE that ride!

HHmstead said...

Will miss seeing you there, if I get to go. Otherwise I'm hoping for Mt. Adams too!