Friday, March 9, 2012

Heavenly Horse

Today is the last one, of the next ten days, where it is not forecast to rain.  Sigh.  I hauled out late to ride on the jogging trail.  It was 5:38 when I finished up chores and loaded Cartman.

I saddled really quickly, made sure I had his attention with a few ground exercises, and hopped on.  C was ready to go!  We did some jogging, stopping, reverse, slow jog, stop, back, turn on the haunches, jog.  Etc.  After about ten minutes we headed out into the sand and got a little aerobic work out for another fifteen minutes.

He got the right lead on the first cue!  Yeah!

C was blowing a little when I pulled up and headed back to the gravel trail.  The sun was setting quickly so we took off at a fast walk.  I have been trying to get as much walking as possible on this gravel path in hopes of building some good strong bone.  C has spent a lot of time on soft footing since last fall and I'm hoping to ease him into going for distance on logging roads and harder packed footing areas.

By the time we got back up to the end of the park by the trailer it was almost dark.  It was really pretty,  I could see houses in the distance with lights shining in the windows and heard frogs for the first time this year. 

It was a lovely evening on a lovely horse!

This week was a really productive one.  I rode five times.  Three of the five were even outside and I didn't get wet! 


HHmstead said...

Hay Hay! You & me both! Now it looks like we'll be inside with a fire going this coming week!
Sounds like Cartman is feeling the "Spring" in the air - as are Farah & Khari!
Are you still planning 25 at HOTR? Wish we could get together for a ride before then!

Becky said...

Three outside rides and you didn't get wet? This is the kind of stuff I like to read! :)

I checked the map - from your place to mine is only about 35 miles from each other. If the offer still stands, when I get settled in, I'd love to come say hi to you and your herd. (PS: This is an offer from a comment you left on my blog over a month ago... sorry it took so long to respond!)

Becky said...
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CG said...

Becky- Absolutely! Let me know when you get up here and we'll meet up :)