Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cartman Gets A New Name....

I received a email this afternoon that the ride results are up for Mt. Adams.  That ride secretary is pretty quick this year, as it's not even been two weeks since the ride!

So I clicked on over to the PNER site to see C's name in print for the first time.

I scanned the list of 25 milers, down, down, down- (we were pretty slow in time) until I came to this:

Caveman-Lucky Friday       Karen Weiderman

uh, what?

It sounds like some sick sports bar promo!!! Nooooo!!!!

Now, I can't blame the ride secretary or the points secretary.  I know exactly how this happened.

You see, I have a little penmanship problem.  In fact it once got so bad that my previous boss threatened to make me use a stamp to sign my initials on data at work.

Alas, I will have to wait until Klickitat to hopefully see Cartman's name in print.  Fingers crossed for another completion- and I plan on finding someone to fill out my ride card for me or I will just have to do it in all caps.

Oh, and Lucky Friday is Cartman's registered name- it is a silver mine in Idaho, not some t*tty bar in Ne Portland. :)


AareneX said...


I'm gonna start calling him "Lucky Caveman". Tee hee.

Funder said...


HHmstead said...

I'm laughing pretty hard! That's why I've always typed mine in! :-)