Saturday, May 26, 2012

Draggin' A@@

It's been hell week at work, I was on OT by Friday morning and spent another 12 hours there after that.  I'm tired to the point of being a bit cranky Friday evening but Saturday morning there was no alarm.  Yeah!

I ended up at work again this morning and was even contemplating not riding today, again.  Then I spent a few minutes of my break today perusing  my blog list and decided if Jonna of  Barbs, etc. can go out, in 40% chance of rain (in Montana, brrrr) then surely I can drag my butt down and do a quick ride in the sand, in the sunshine.

So, C and I headed out about 4:30.  We spent about 20 minutes trotting and loping in the deep sand.  He was breathing pretty hard and asked to stop, so after another small circle I pulled up and we headed for the jogging path. 

I was actually a little concerned as Cartman was unusually doggy.  Thoughts of all trailering stress and all those communal watering troughs at Mt. Adams started flitting through my head.  Its been a week, perfect incubation time.....

I really wasn't a hyprochondriac, before the Thoroughbreds.  They've made me a pretty  efficient one over the last 13 years.

I was really not "into it" either but just kept pointing his nose further down trail.  I decided to loop around on the path by the river and then cut back to the trailer at the road.

But when we got to the road C was wanting to noodle back and forth, not really wanting to go on down the trail.  I didn't think anything was wrong to the point that he couldn't take a walk, so I kept him going, not wanting to let him learn a bad habit.

After a few more minutes he started to perk up and asked to start in at a jog.  Before I knew it we were at the other end of the 5 mile loop.  My normal Cartman had returned, with the forward trot and ears up! 

After we got home I washed C's forelock ( he has a niggling case of dandruff there) did all the chores, turned Cartman and Dazzby out into the hay field, and then spent some time sitting with Certified Girl as she crunched some grain, carrots, and apples.

So, I'm still draggin' a@@ but feeling a lot happier now :)

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