Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pillow Talk

I bet ya'll were expecting something a little more spicey....  but this post is actually about a pillow.

For the last few weeks I have been waking in the morning, barely able to turn my head.  The first morning I just thought I'd slept wrong.  It got better throughout the day and I figured it was just a little momentary glitch.

As the week wore on, I was having trouble turning my neck more and more.  Oh, no-  I must be really starting to get old and creaky.  Yuck. I felt tired every morning and Todd said I was tossing and turning a lot.

After about a week it finally dawned on me as I lay down on my pillow and tried to get comfortable, that I couldn't. 

Aha, I'm NOT getting old!  Its the pillow:)

I bought a set of two "Big Ones" pillows last year at my annual trip to the mall, the day after Thanksgiving.  They were on sale for $19.99.  Perfect.

Well, maybe not.  It seems that there are different quality pillows available!  Who knew??? 

So today, after going to meet Amber at Zojo's coffee and having  a divine cappucino.  Going to get a piece of pressure treated plywood for the horse trailer ramp (more on that later).  We went to Macy's to buy a pillow.

They have quite a selection.  Todd and I were walking around squishing and prodding random pillows.  We'd settled on the"firm" type.  They had some huge long pillows for the king size beds.  I don't think they would work, too long.  Unfortunately our bedroom (circa 1934) is only about 12 x 12.  We have a Calif. queen size bed in there but its pretty tight.

I'd found a nice firm pillow when the saleslady came over.  She was very nice, an older lady, very stylish.  I told her my pillow troubles and asked the fateful question.  "What's the best pillow?"

She took us over to the wall of pillows and pointed out something called a Vail Down Pillow. 

"Oh, feathers?"  I asked.  "Can you wash it?"

"Oh no, not feathers" she said, "those are loud and crinkly.  This is strictly down, and yes, you can wash it.  Although you won't need to often.  They come with a linen pillow protector and then you put your pillow case over the top."

She had me stand with my hips to the wall and lean into the pillow to try it out.

It was like a cloud.

I wanted to sleep right then and there, I had to have it.

I glanced over at the price tags and saw "Sale $49.99" Gulp, we need two of these things. 

Todd was now squishing the pillow.  The saleslady was saying how she was sure we'd really like them.  But if not, after trying them for a week we could return the pillow- as long as we kept the receipt and packing.

I was waffling, then noticed that the Sale $49.99 was for a synthetic pillow.  This was Down.  That's not synthetic.  I glanced up and saw the tag for my pillow. 


Holy crap, I could buy a nice saddle pad for that, or a new breast collar, or almost a ton of alfalfa.

$420.00 for two pillows??  I pointed out the price to Todd.  He raised an eyebrow.  The lady was saying they were on sale through the 4th of July.  Only $97. 

I was waffling.  Surely they aren't that good.  But we could return it, if it wasn't the most awesome pillow ever.  It had a nice linen cover.  No blue "prison stripes" like the last set.

Todd, had a great idea.  I would get the pillow.  If I found it to be the path to heavenly slumber we would come back and get a second pillow for him.  Plus, he could try it out on a nap or two during the day.

So, that is how I came home with a $105.00 pillow that actually has its own nickname.

"Karen's golden goose pillow"

Tomorrow I plan on  riding Red Rock Road- hopefully without a cricked neck! So I promise a more interesting horse related post is in the works. 


Becky said...

Weeeell? How is your new pillow?

CG said...

I'm keepin' it!

Amber Z. said...

You know, if you'd talk to your friends once in a while about this stuff, they'd get you in the know about different pillows and what a difference they can be! :D I loved my Down pillow-- hated the feather/down mix I got when I wore the down one I need a new down pillow...but I won't sacrifice my ZoJo just to get one! HA :D

HHmstead said...

Oh NO! Now I'm going to have to find one - or two... I've had on-going neck issues for years, wearing helmets doesn't help any! I can't "DO" feather's - allergic. You've sold me!