Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pictures and Happy 4th of July

Today we are just hanging out, enjoying what looks like the first real day of summer.

This morning I went out to catch Cartman and Dazzby.  Dazzby was in the shed but I didn't see C.  I whistled and called.  Suddenly a small brown dot started speeding towards me from the very farthest corner of the field.  He was in an all out run, then would take a buck two mid-stride.  Then take off full throttle again.  As he got closer I could see about a two foot strand of grass hanging out of his mouth, blowing as he ran.  It was too funny.  I love this horse.

About 8am the vet stopped by.  Nothing major, just a few odds and ends that needed attending to.  Cartman and Dazzby have had the itchy mane and face stuff going on for a while.  I've tried every anti-bacterial, anti-fungal shampoo and cream I have in the medicine chest and it would seem to get better then come on again.

I had ordered 2 tubes of Equimectrin for each horse as this has helped with "weird" skin stuff in the past.  Then I was reading about the Neck Thread Worms on the COTH site and got kinda concerned about double dosing.  Apparently if the horses have  a large load of NTW then the dieing worms can actually cause Uveitis. 

I wanted the vets OK to use the double dose.  And oddly enough when he checked them that is exactly what he suggested I do.  So, everyone got wormed today!

The vet also checked Dazzby's feet.  She has been off and on foot sore for a while.  I was beginning to be concerned it might be something metabolic or feed related.  Thankfully he believes that she has just gotten her feet bruised.  He suggested shoes or boots  for  a while to see if it goes away.  And, he also did suggest I get a few pounds off her.  I decided to wait until this weekend to put her and Draol in the diet pen.  The less "upset" we have around here today the better. 

Our last order of business was to check on Taj.  Much to my surprise last weekend Taj popped out with a small cluster of warts on his muzzle!  WTH??? He is 9 years old, not 2???  Taj hasn't left the farm in two years and I've never had a horse get warts. 

Anyway, it seems they will go away on their own.  Or, I could cut one off, to stimulate the immune response and try to speed up the process.  Tajie is SO sensitive, I think I will wait them out.  Unlike Cartman who would take something like that pretty mellow, Taj would probably be traumatized.

After the vet visit C and I went down and jogged miles.  He rocks:)

These first three pics are from our ride last Sunday.

Pink and Taj chill in the shade

C sports his new fly mask

Cartman and Dazzy found a cool spot too.


icky warts

Taj, still beautiful

Beau dog

Todd and Rafael start on our next project.

See the "redneck" tie off?  Tractors are pretty versatile around here!


HHmstead said...

Think you're staying busy enough? :-) Sure sounds like it! You play with the ponies, the guys work on the roof! I like it! Ride looks nice too - don't like the warts - had not seen them before.
Happy Belated Fourth!

Funder said...

Roofing's no fun! That's one you should definitely leave to the boys. ;)

Glad there's nothing too wrong with the horses!