Monday, August 13, 2012

Sat/Sun Ride Pics

Saturday Michelle and I headed up to Winlock to ride the trails.  We left the house at 5pm and were on trail by 5:41pm.  It was a great evening to ride, it had been around 90degrees and hot all day but was just starting to cool. 

We ended up riding for 2.5 hours and covered quite a bit of trail.  M's young horse Twister did really  well for his first "trail" trail ride this year.  Cartman and Twister are two of a kind, all about playing and being goofy young geldings.  They kept trying to get closer and closer together every time we stopped to graze.

Sunday we went to the jogging trail to do a five mile jog.  It was about 90 degrees so we headed out into the Cowlitz River at the half way point.

M and Tucker head for the sand bar.

Looking back at shore from the sand bar.

When we got home I hosed Cartman off and then gave Certified Girl a bath.

Girlie will be 24 years old in January


AareneX said...

Lookin' fine, CG!

HHmstead said...

The river looks so beautiful! What a perfect place to play with the horses! Was a good day for bath's too - I gave Farah one & loved getting wet!