Monday, August 20, 2012

I, Wanna Rock 'n Roll All Night!!!!

Actually, tonight I just wanna sleep :)

Yesterday Cartman, Dazzby and I took a friend, S., on her first horse ride in years.

We went up to Winlock and rode the trails for over two hours.  It was great fun and S. seemed to have a good time, inspite of the one incident. 

Dazzby and S. were in front and we took off for a little trot.  As I watched Dazzby seemed to get faster and faster, she was pulling away from Cartman and I.  She broke into a canter, I started to get concerned.  I wasn't sure if S. was up for cantering or not!

Suddenly I saw S. get shaken loose a little, and thought "Uh oh,  No."  Just as quickly Dazzby came to a complete halt.  C and I jogged up, I'd tried to stay back so as to not encourage a race. 

S. and the saddle were perched way up on Dazzby's neck and wither.  She had a big grin on her face.  Whew.  I told her to jump off and we re-adjusted the saddle.  She said that everything was fine until she layed down on Dazzy's neck, apparently S. is a speed demon- who'd have known???

When Dazzby felt her get loose she put on the brakes.  I swear this mare is priceless.

We continued on our ride, no harm done.

Obviously I have some work to do on saddle fitting the western saddle to Dazzby.

Later in the day Todd and I celebrated our Anniversary by attending the Kiss/Motley Crue concert in Ridgefield.  It was AWESOME!!!!

Here are some photos from the day:

these beauties are flagged for logging.

Motley Crue

Tommy Lee plays upside down

Kiss arrives.

Paul Stanley doesn't look his age- he must work out A Lot!

The Demon

Paul flew through the air on a wire, and played mid crowd- on a platform.

I want these boots!!!!

They closed with I Wanna rock 'n roll all night!!


AareneX said...

Are those rockers GINORMOUS, or are they wearing really big shoes. In the photo next to you, they look huge!

CG said...

I think a little of both- they have on boots with about a 4" platform, and heels!

HHmstead said...

My oH MY! Incredible pictures!!! Nothing like some Rocking & Rolling to celebrate your Anniversary! Too fun!
What a super mare! Keeping her rider topside! The woods looked cool & beautiful. Aren't you loving the cool down?
(Oh, hated hearing that those trees are going to disappear...)