Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Rides

I got two rides in this weekend.

Saturday Cartman and I did a solo ride over on the jogging path.  It was pretty warm and he got a good workout jogging and cantering on the trail.  His canter is definately improving, although we still need better balance on the right lead.

I rode for about an hour at the jog/lope and then walked for about a mile to cool out. 

Sunday Michelle and I hauled up to the trails and did our our outer rim trail.  There are some really good hill climbs on our standard path and today we let the horses jog and even lope some of these.  They are getting really fit and can make a lot better time than a few months ago. 

Also, I've noticed Cartman has gotten where he can jog on some of the winding, twisty trails, whereas last year we had walk all of these sections.  He's turning into a real dependable trail horse :)

I'm starting to plan out what needs to be done before the OR100, in less than two weeks! 


I got one more noxious task completed for winter- by hand no less!

In other news, Certified Girl appears to have an abscessed tooth, or something.  I noticed her jaw was swollen Sunday morning.  Pulled her up to the barn and called my vet.

He came out a few hours later and "tried" to examine her mouth.  She was less than cooperative, despite getting enough tranqs to actually set her on her butt two times.  Between the swelling, the halter and her 'tude we finally decided to just see if the lump will drain.  Then start anti-biotics.  Hopefully it will heal up this way, but the next step would be yet another trip to the clinic in Gresham to see a dentist.  As I think the only way to get in there that far back, with all the swelling, is going to be with her knocked out completely.  Sigh.

Girlie had already lost at least two of her teeth at the time of her last dental work a year ago.  The dentist noted that another was getting ready to come out at that time (on the same side as the lump).  She quids hay pretty badly and I have to feed her fine hay from now on.  She is in good body condition though, so hopefully this issue will resolve without a lot of fuss.

Today I cut out a circle of an Animalintex pad and taped it to her jaw with Elastikon.  I pulled it off when feeding this evening and it is really looking like its going to burst soon.  She has such a high pain tolerance, she is eating and bossing Cartman around like nothing is wrong. 

Hopefully it will have burst in the morning and I will start her on the Uniprim powder then.


irish horse said...

oh, the trails looks so pretty, and still nice and green! Love that creek crossing. That is great that Cartman is coming along. I have a hard time remembering sometimes how far my horse and I have come.

I washed my winter blanket this weekend too. But I only have one, you have a big chore!

HHmstead said...

I too love the look of that creek crossing. Glad to hear that your big guy is not only putting on the muscle, but turning into a dependable mount too! Sorry to hear of CG's dental issues, hopefully to be resolved soon!