Monday, October 29, 2012

No news is....well, no news!

Seriously, its been a slow week or so, horsewise.

I have been in work/hell, so riding has been taking a backseat.  Last Thursday I finally accepted that I was not going to be able to get off work early enough to get a ride in.  So, I hauled C over to Shawn's Dad's farm so Shawn could ride him for me.  No sense in letting all of our conditioning and training go to waste!

I dropped the boy off before work and picked him up after.   Yes, my horse went to Day Care. Hey, if dogs can do it! 

The sun was starting to fade as I pulled in so I quickly loaded up, and got a little update on C's progress.

Cartman was good but had two significant coughs.  Uh oh.  Shawn rode him lightly but didn't want to get the boy too sweaty. 

Once home I checked C's temp.  It was 100.5 still within acceptable range.  I'm ashamed to say I don't know what Cartman's average temp is.  He has been a remarkably healthy horse, so I've had little reason to check it.  Bad owner.

I had noticed C was a little less "animated" than normal, not picking on his big brother quite so much as he usually does.  But he has been eating very well and has no nasal discharge either.

I decided better safe than sorry and gave C the weekend off.  His temp remained at 100.5 until Sunday when it was 99.5  I don't have enough data points to determine if this may be his normal temp fluctuations, or if indeed he had a slight bit of fever.

So, the plan is to continue checking his temp every few days to get a baseline and we will resume riding on Thursday.  Its kind of nice to have a little "break" anyway:)

On another note, I was thrilled to see Amigo is making a new 100g fill 1200D turnout!  I found one and ordered it on Ebay for $110 and $11 shipping.  Still $30 less than the local Wilco wanted for it:)  These blankets fit the TBs really well and are a reasonable price, compared to the Rambos.


irish horse said...

Glad that Cartman seems to have recovered. Knowing a baseline temp is good (I don't, thanks for the reminder).

And thanks for the note about the blanket. Finding a 100g blanket is hard! Major is pretty set with a sheet and heavyweight, so maybe next year I'll look for that one on after-season sale. Keep us posted on how it holds up.

Ruth said...

I just got a 120g Kensington rain sheet on ebay. Of course today it was 65 out so I really don't know why I even bother trying to be prepared for the weather. :)