Saturday, November 10, 2012

From Idaho... with love.

Today we made a trek down to Battleground to Maul's Hay.  We picked up two tons of 2nd cutting alfalfa and a one ton of Orchard grass hay straight from Idaho.

The orchard was being unloaded as we pulled in and it went straight onto our trailer, the alfalfa had been hauled a few days ago by the same trucker that was there today.  Apparently hay is moving pretty quickly this time of year! 

All was well and good until we got home and realized we have to unload this by hand.   I think my primal diet has really helped me, as I felt pretty strong and was able to pack the bales this time.  Last year my arms were so messed up and I was too weak to even put up local grass hay, so this is a very pleasant surprise. 

Todd had a few "helpers" when I came back out of the house from getting the camera, we were over half way done before I thought I should have taken a picture of the loaded trailer.  It was truly a beautiful sight.

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