Wednesday, March 19, 2014

RP Arrives

Cartman got his shoes on one week ago today!  Yeah!!!

He got a raging case of scratches too.  Boo hiss!!!

We've been jogging and loping the 5 mile path every few days though and he feels great.

I've been coming home with a kinked back and rubbed knees from trying to post his rather boisterous trot in the Western Saddle.  I'm pretty sure that I could not complete an LD in it.  It is really comfortable at the sitting trot and the canter though and it certainly gives you a "secure" feeling.

I've been using anti-bacterial/anti-fungal shampoo on his pasterns almost every day and he has been spending quite a bit of time in the barn.  He's not real thrilled with that, but it's really hard to keep a horses feet dry in this climate!  During the day he goes out with a Desitin/Neosporin mixture rubbed into the scabs.

None of the other five horses got scratches so I've theorized that those last few rides pre-shoeing that we did in the sand caused some irritation, and since I was a bad horse owner and did not wash and dry his pasterns off it allowed the Scratches to take hold.  Sigh. 

Today when I got home from work this little beauty was waiting for me.

Saturday is our fitting appointment. Then I get to test this saddle for two weeks!  It's really nicely made;  I just hope it is comfortable too.  I have no idea how I'm going to tie all my "stuff" to something like this! 

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AareneX said...

It's very pretty, can't wait for your report!