Sunday, February 23, 2014

Friday ride/ Sunday ride

Friday with Cartman and my Buddy:

I did OK in the western saddle, just had to keep mindful to pull my legs back under me a little.  We did some trot and lope at the end of the park and he got a nice sweat.  Then we walked back to the trailer and cooled out.  The whole ride lasted about an hour. 

Sunday with Michelle and Tucker:

We rode for two hours, all at the walk due to no shoes on either horse.  They did get quite a sweat though as it was hilly.

I think I may be getting used to the saddle... Crossing fingers.  Perhaps I just needed to get it "broke in".

Hopefully I'll hear from the RP people this week and they will have a saddle for me to test!

My farrier can't make it out until Mar. 6th so I'm totally cringing at C's feet right now- eek.  I'm still going to try and get shoes on him the last week in March.  Hopefully that will give us enough time out on the trail to get ready for Prineville or Mt. Adams as a first ride this year.


HHmstead said...

Check out the American Saddle Makers Association web site - some really good information there! I'm with you - have to keep putting my legs forward when riding in the Big Horn. So darn nice to be getting out!

HHmstead said...

P.S. We're hoping for Mt. Adams!