Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bluffs are called, and Butts are kicked.

Wed. I went in for my bi-monthly chiropractic adjustment.  At one point I was going three times a week but am now down to twice a month.  Chiro has done a lot for me and I am a big believer in it as I've had great results.

My chiropractor worked on me a couple of days after my first few rides in the RP (before I removed the thigh/knee padding) and she knew right away I had done something different because I was pretty sore and out of alignment.

So I was curious to see what she'd have to say this appointment.  I've been using the saddle probably three times a week now for 1/2 hour to 1 hour at a time.  Apparently my back is doing pretty well this time!

 I casually mentioned that I really am beginning to believe that part of my problem with the "shoulder burning" is just lack of upper body strength.  I finished myself off by stating that I would like to start some weight training.

Usually when I talk to Todd or friends about this sort of thing they politely nod and agree that that would be a really good thing to do.  Blah blah blah.   They know I probably am all talk.

Well my chiro mentioned that she goes to Three Rivers Athletic Club and really enjoys it, she told me a little about their classes and programs.  I admit it was sounding pretty intriguing- I've never been in a gym in my life- but have enjoyed imagining what I would look like with real muscles! For years!

Then she called my bluff.

 Inviting me to go to a Team Training class at 9am on Saturday morning- as her guest it would even be free!

Totally taken off guard all I could say was "But I don't really have anything to wear." 

I was still processing the whole scenario (and yes, as a true introvert there was much to be anxious about in this event) and then I thought, this is an opportunity.  I will probably never walk into a gym by myself.  This is a good thing; Cartman needs me to do this.

So I fretted and stressed about going for two days, at one point even dreaming about it!  So silly.  But the gym/dance class/Rocky Horror Picture Show combo was pretty entertaining in my sleep:)

Today I went to the Team Training class.  At one point, I thought I was going to have a heart attack.  A few minutes later decided, no, that would be too quick.  This is more drawn out, kinda like Dante's Inferno.  I'm pretty sure the squat, jump up off the ground, squat, jump off the ground thing is straight from the seventh circle of hell.

But, I made it. Whew.  I was actually surprised when we were done. Despite the fact that my thighs were trembling like I'd just posted for 6 hours straight.  I wanted to do it again:)

I decided to do the 30 day trial.  Next Sat. morning I go to an orientation for the other training equipment.  I want to try the weights.  I just know that this is going to improve my riding!!!

In other news, Cartman and I went to Portland on Monday to get his teeth done, sheath cleaned, coggins pulled, spring shots, and E/Se checked. 

His teeth were done in Sept. by the vet/dentist and they had been pretty bad at that time- he had cuts on the inside of his cheeks and had become resistant to the bit.

This time they were much better. In fact she thinks he'll probably be able to go a year now.  $500 later we were on the road and headed home.  That Vit E/Se test was $150, yikes!  Perhaps I should make the change over to veterinary lab work.

We got caught in a six mile traffic jam on the way home but still made it back by 5pm. Having several more hours of daylight in the evening is the best!



AareneX said...

You are gonna love being stronger!

CG said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I'm sore as hell today- but ready for more.

HHmstead said...

Sounds like you'll be feeling the "burn"! I tried kick-boxing with my sis when I was in AZ & it was a blast! But - having worked in the fitness industry - I hate being inside... when I can be Out! :-)