Sunday, April 13, 2014

Goin' for it...

I was sore as hell today.  I literally stopped while walking out my backdoor and stared at the two steps I had to maneuver.  Then I carefully turned around, grabbed the side of the railing, and lowered myself down.  Ouch.

By late afternoon I decided that the weather was just TOO nice not to at least attempt a ride.  So C and I hauled over to the jogging path and I saddled him up. 

I had something new to try with the saddle today, a sheepskin seat cover.  It was SO soft and plush.  Mmmmm. 

Unfortunately I felt like I was on a magic carpet ride as soon as I mounted up. Hmmm.  I made it about 1/2 mile and turned around to remove it.  I just couldn't get my legs with the sheepskin on.

As soon as I'd managed to get off and on one more time (not an easy task today!) I felt right at home.  I think that's when I made my mind up about the RP. 

We did a quick five mile jog/lope/walk and had a great time.  I try to work on some lateral stuff while going down the trail but I really do need to haul into an arena at least once every few weeks to concentrate on that stuff.  Continuing education and all, ya' know? 

I would love to find a dressage type instructor to take some lessons, still looking for that perfect fit that can help us- without trying to get me to cram Cartman up into the bridle.

So after a quick ride, in perfect weather (yeah!) we headed for the house.  And when we got home I carefully removed the heavy western saddle from the trailer tack room and placed the Summit on the rack. 

Tomorrow it should be official :)


AareneX said...

So....see ya at Mt Adams?

HHmstead said...

I'm asking the same? Sure Hope so!

CG said...

I can't make up my mind. I want to go to Prineville but both sets of my trail/camp buddies are out until at least Klickitat.

I may end up at Mt. Adams after all- its a lot closer.

Are you guys going to Mt Adams?

HHmstead said...

Yes - & I forgot to mention that I really like your goals & fitness post. I use the long rides to "defrag" :-) So with our blogs - we do not get notified when we reply to a comment?...