Monday, May 12, 2014

Making a List, Checking it Twice

The frantic list making has begun in earnest.  I am packing and prepping for Mt Adams this coming weekend.

Since I thoroughly cleaned the trailer last fall I had to pretty much completely replace everything I take with to rides.  Agh. 

To compound things, I've been taking my German Shedder with me a lot on training rides and he has to ride in the trailer tackroom, so..... I got to re-vacuum the tack room to remove all the dog hair.  Sigh.

I had pulled all the actual trailer mats and washed the back of the trailer about a month ago, so I had intended to just add some clean pine shavings to it and be good to go.  Unfortunately both geldings decided to pee on the way home from our ride on Sunday. 

So, I spent another hour dragging the mats in and out, and washing the floor of the trailer.  I can't complain though it was really nice to have a friend to ride with at last!  Looking back on our training rides this spring they have all been solo.

We did a nice 11.5 mile ride, the same trail I did last weekend with C.  We got some good hills in and some long trot/canter sets.  Not in a hurry this day we also spent quite a bit of time grazing and enjoying the sunshine :)

Today I went by the feed store and picked up some more Weed Free Timothy (I've been feeding it to C off and on for a month or so in anticipation of going to rides that require WF hay) and also an Orchard/Alfalfa mix.  I usually take some WF local hay but have been unable to find any this time.  I really detest the WF rule, it makes me nervous to switch hays so haphazardly.   My boy is usually on pasture pretty much full time but I do attempt to sneak some hay in there when I can.

Tomorrow I'm off to purchase a watch or alarm clock.  I always depend on M. to provide the alarm with her smartphone and I realized yesterday I could potentially oversleep and miss the ride completely. 

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