Monday, May 5, 2014

Nothing to see Here

Got another short 5 mile ride in tonight after work. 

Today I concentrated on flexing, and leg yielding and lots of turns on the haunches and forehand. 

Also, instead of doing our long canter stretch one direction on the right lead and back on the left, I switched it up- integrating some of my work out patterns from the gym by counting out 5 strides on the left, then break to trot, switch to the right count out 5 strides.  The next set was 10, and so on until we were up to about 20 on each lead.

C tends to get  a little "strong" in the bridle when we turn and head back towards the trailer, so today we did more canter/halt transitions on the way back.  By the end of a half mile he was halting a lot better.

I decided to ask for a halt to canter transition and got the most lovely one!  On the right lead no less.  He is definitely getting better and better at this stuff.  A year ago I couldn't reliably get the right lead and now he gets it 99% of the time.

A good ride:)

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HHmstead said...

Sounds pretty fantastic to me! We've just been practicing canter departures on which ever lead... Lots more to learn...