Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Almost Ready to Roll


Dazzby and I had the most delightful ride tonite.

We just ran down to the trail by the river to get a quick 5 miles in.  We are leaving for the Milwaukee Road Rail Trail on Friday, so it was just an easy ride this evening.

Backtracking a bit. 

Last Wednesday we went out for a similar ride and Dazzby was a spooky nut.  We'd finished the 5 mile trail and she was just full of herself, still.  So, we went off trail into the sand and did a little cantering.  We'd been going for about a mile or two and she was just getting stronger and stronger on the bit. She was galloping and I felt like I was back galloping racehorses!   Finally I pulled her up, and she was a blowin'.

Dazz was covered in sweat from head to toe, and we walked and walked to cool out.  I thought we might have over done it just a  tad.

Two days later we went out for a slow ride with Michelle and Coco.  Coco is Michelle's awesome trail mare, she goes anywhere!  And is sure footed too.  Coco is a big QH, and doesn't have as fast a gait at Dazzby, usually.  Well that day Dazzby was just lagging behind, ears kinda flat, gait kinda flat.  We did a little bit of jogging and smidge of canter but mostly walked the five mile loop.

Well, today I had my usual mare back, ears pricked, on the bit and forward!  Yeah.

Now, I just gotta pack, go grocery shopping, do laundry, figure out something for the potluck (eeek), and, oh yeah, I gotta find some plain old grass hay!  Apparently the 450 bales we put up last summer wasn't quite enough this year. 

Almost ready!
Dazzby at Ft. Stevens 2009


AareneX said...

Looking forward to seeing y'all at MRRT!

HHmstead said...

Sorry to not have been at the ride to meet you! Looking forward to your ride story!