Thursday, April 14, 2011

Indulging Anti-Establishment Tendencies?

No, seriously.

I stumbled upon this on the internet tonite, I found it fascinating- and scarey.  If you can spare 10 minutes or so I think its worth watching:
So, what's safe to eat?????

I had the good fortune to have been raised in a family where my Mom actually cooked all of our meals from scratch!  We even had a garden.  Thank heavens for growing up in the 1970's!

 I realize that's pretty much an impossibility for most people today. 

At our house we are lucky to get real "cooked" food three or four days a week, and that just might include some tasty Idahoan dried mashed potatoes from a foil bag.  Eeek.

It's no wonder Americans are getting so fat (as a nation), and I don't believe for one minute those commercials about HFCS being the same as sugar. 

Sugar (Succrose) is a disaccharide, made up of a glucose and fructose ring attatched  together. Our bodies have to cleave the two saccharides with an enzyme in order to digest the sugar.

HFCS is also a disaccharide with the same molecular formula as Sugar C12H22O11.  However, the two rings are not attatched in HFCS.  Our body doesn't have to break the bond to digest it-our bodies can send it straight to the hips, and thighs, etc., etc.

Not the same thing.....

Oh, one more big difference between the two, HFCS is cheaper to put in our food than sugar from sugar beets. 

Once again, wanna know what's going on?  Follow the money trail.

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