Friday, April 1, 2011

Imelda Marcos Moment

It happened again.  I was casually perusing the Smartpak website after ordering Cartman's SmartHoof supplement, I had fleetingly considered getting Dazz a new halter when I spotted a closeout.

There is was, a closeout deal on a red Horseware of Ireland Amigo halter.  She has the red Amigo blanket and this halter is made to match it.  At $18 it was cheaper than the halters they have down the street at the feedstore, and it came with a matching lead!   Whew, into the shopping cart it went.

Then, before I could stop it, the demon shopper had inhabited my body.  I was once again in the blanket section of the website. 

Another closeout beckoned.   A red Amigo Lite blanket, it matches the halter I just ordered and would look so stunning on my dark mare!  Her red blanket is awesome, it doesn't shift or rub at all and is on its second year completely waterproof.  The only problem, it is now really too warm around here for the thick winter blanket.

Surely Dazzby deserved a new matching sheet, halter, and lead set to wear at her next ride???


I. Will.  Stay.  Off.  The.  Smartpak.  Site.


AareneX said...

You know about Tack of the Day, right?

Dangerous. Very Dangerous.

(my secret vice)

CG said...

OH yeah, I think I've been lured in by them too.... and Horseloverz.... and on and on- I just LOVE blankets!!!

Rising Rainbow said...

I stay away from those sites. No will power once I get there. LOL