Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mt. Adams Ride-Getting Ready, Getting there

I actually cooked a real casserole for the potluck, here are the beginnings of my favorite food: Chicken Pot Pie

Some favorite ride foods, carrots and apples are for Dazzy.  Missing are the iced Starbucks coffees, strawberries, spinach dip and TurkeyJerky.

Here's the pile of stuff I had to take,  waiting for Glen and Flo to pick me up.  Its a little smaller than the pile that went to Home on the Range Ride.  I am learning to cut out non-essentials and thankfully didn't need to bring as many horse blankets as its a little warmer now that its MAY!  Our neighbor's father saw a similar pile the morning of Milwaukee Road a few weeks ago and thought I was kicking Todd out of the house.  A few minutes later he went by and saw the saddle and thought Todd was kicking my stuff out!  Too funny, luckily the rumor mill was quenched when he saw the horse trailer and us packing up to go ride.  Gotta love a small town!

almost to the scarey Hood River Bridge

Its narrower than it looks like in this photo!

Thats the side of the bridge looking straight out the passenger side window

Ooooooh!!!!!! Getting close now.

The ride Camp with the BEST view.

How many dogs do you see in this photo?  I saw two, until I realized the pile next to Pat's chair was just fur!!!

Here's how the Pot Pie turned out.  Thanks to Pat and Flo it actually did get brown on top.  Apparently, constantly checking it, actually slows down the baking process.  Who woulda known????

Yummmmy potluck!
Next up:  Lame today, sound tommorrow- first pull 


AareneX said...

It was great to see you, and I hope the lameness is something dumb and temporary. Wasn't it a beautiful ride?!!??!!!

CG said...

It was an absolutley gorgeous ride, I am going to make it a point to go back over there and ride more of those trails sometime this summer!
Dazzy appeared sound last nite, she just clobbered her left back ankle really bad. I've got a call in to the chiro and am searching for my interference boots.

Shannon said...

Oh, btw, I told you my hubby would love you for the chicken pot pie! I had to inform him that it would have been RUDE to take the whole pan for himself and NO, he could not sneak off with it so no one would know. (Like that man could anywhere!)