Sunday, May 29, 2011

Where does it Hurt?

Too bad you can't ask your horse that question and get an obvious and succinct answer.  Fortunately, we have Dr. Joe Lally to help interpet the answer for us.

As I mentioned in a previous post Dazzby was having some hind-end lameness issues at our last ride a week ago.   Friday afternoon Dr. Lally arrived from Bend Or to help sort out any chiropractic problems that might be contributing.

He immediately went straight to the left hind, as had Dr. Foss at the ride.  Dazzby knows the doctor now, and she has always been a very accomodating horse, so we've never had any problem with him working on her.  At first she always has kind of a concerned look but as the session goes on she usually relaxes and seems to enjoy it!  Sometimes she even leans into the pressure.  I interpret that to be "Yeah, right there, that's the spot!!!"

Waiting for the Dr.


Ok that's getting really close

Todd and Dan had to stop by and watch, Dan thinks its magic!  Dr Lally can make Dazzby's back muscles ripple all the way down her back.

Right there!  Let me lean into that, don't stop!

Flo and I took turns holding Dazzby and quizzing Dr. Lally

Using the Mclaren Red Light to increase blood flow to the affected area.  Flo has one of these lights, so he showed us some particular areas to target.

Dazzby had her head/neck adjusted as well.  She is a headshaker and I'm hoping this can help her get some relief from that as well.
It was an interesting session, we asked a ton of questions and did a lot of talking horses.  We were the last appointment of the day at 5:00.  When I finally got in the house it was after 8:00!  I love my animal vets and chiropractor, what human or small animal Dr spends that much time with a patient!

Now Dazzby is turned out for a few days and we will start back Monday or Tuesday with light work, if that goes well we should be able to get back to our regular schedule and the Renegade Ride in the end of June!

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