Saturday, May 14, 2011

New addition

This morning I was searching (in vain) for the grazing muzzle.  I had it hanging in the feed room until December or January, at which time I remember thinking that I really should put it up, so it didn't get all moldy or dusty before I needed it again.  Now, if I could just remember where "up" was!!!

Anyway, as I was searching I picked up a couple of horse blankets that I'd piled on a tack trunk and a big wad of hay/insulation/and unidentifieable stuff fell out.   ICK!!!!   A mouse nest.

We lost our good barn cat last Oct.  His replacement was a miserable failure.  Actually I think the replacement was crazy.  We never did name it because every day it was just like the cat had never seen us, the house, or anything here before.  It was a feline version of that movie 50 First Dates. 

After six weeks of keeping a litter box in our hay barn because crazy cat would not come out for ANY reason.  I got sick of it and we put the crazy one outside.  She was never seen again.

So back to today.   We went into town so I could get a coffee at Jozo's coffee shop and then headed over to the animal shelter.

Here she is, and she is really cool.  Playful, funny, and affectionate- hee hee- sounds like one of those stupid Zoosk commercials.

She's already curled up for a nap with me in the recliner, batted the dog in the nose and jumped up onto Todd's shoulder from the floor!  Let's hope she makes it as our barn cat!


AareneX said...

Tabbies are the best!!! (ours doesn't go outside, though--too muh traffic on our road, and he's not "savvy")

Funder said...

What pretty markings! I hope she works out.

Our AC will give you neutered ferals for free. You have to keep them caged in your barn for a while, so they hopefully decide to stick around your place, but they can be great barn cats. I am not counting on my house cats to kill *anything*, so if I see mouse signs I'll get a pair of ferals.

HHmstead said...

Pretty kitty! Here mousy mousy!