Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back at It

Dazzby has pretty much had three weeks off.  I did ride her for about 1/2 hour last Sunday, but on Tue. her back appeared sore again so that was all we did all week.

Friday night I checked her back/hindquarters again and got no reaction. Yeah!

So, today we went out for an ambling trail ride.  Our home trails, are somewhat passable again.  Yeah!

Unfortunately there have been people riding these trails before they were reallly dry enough so some of the major thoroughfares are a little chewed up.  But we were able to go and take a nice slow ride for about two hours and we were happy.  Yeah!

Michelle was riding her young horse Twister.  He doesn't have much experience out on wooded trails, so it was a really good chance to get him going and let him learn to step over logs, etc.  Yes, we need to do some trail maintenance, as there are quite a few trees down throughout.

Twister did really well, so he may be able to get his first real ridecamp experience in two weeks at the Renegade Rendezvous.  If things go well Michelle and a friend will be doing the trail ride.  Hopefully Dazzby will be back in action on the LD.  I do have a back up plan.  If Dazz isn't 100+% I may go grab Cartman and join Michelle on the trail ride. Either way I definately need to get East of the mountains, as it is currently raining again!!!!


AareneX said...

It looks like the 25 at Renegade will be pretty much the same as always, which is to say: hot, dry, and tough...but totally do-able and absolutely gorgeous.

The 50 this year will probably be *harder* than usual (this is normally one of the most difficult rides in the region) because we can't use Vet Check 1--the road is washed out and we can't get the vets up there--and a lot of the high trail over Clover Springs still has FEET of snow.

So, unless things change dramatically, I'll probably work all week on the trails and ride the 25 with my hopefully-a-little-bit-tired horse. I hope to see you there!!!

HHmstead said...

I hope to be there too & meet you!