Saturday, June 4, 2011

First Show!

And you probably thought I was talking about a horse show, huh?  Nope, today I went to the Rods and Reels Car Show in Skamokawa, Wa.

For a little background, in the summer or 2003 Todd and I were cruising around in Longview, Wa hunting for bargains at garage sales.  We were just leaving another bust sale when Todd spotted a large blue tarp, covering up something big in a weed patch.  "Look!"  he exclaims and points to the blue tarp, "a '67!" 

Todd and I both love 1967 Chevelle Malibus.  We had a two at the time, but as far as Todd was concerned, you just can't have too many Malibus. 

I knew what was coming next, he slows the car down in front of the house with the blue tarped car, "I wonder if they want to sell it?"

I don't think I rolled my eyes, but its a definate possibility, "Probably not honey, but go ask if you want to."  I figured this would be a quick diversion, then we could get on our way to the next sale.

Well, here is what was beneath the tarp.

This car came with the name Annabelle. We promised to bring her by to show the man who sold us the car, when we had her restored.  Todd did that a few weeks ago.  They'd been wondering what had happened to the yellow car.

Here is Annabelle today, at her first car show.

Unfortunately, we were beat by another '67 Chevelle, a beautiful dark blue SS 396 car.

We spent the morning admiring all the cars and trucks.  At this show everbody that enters a car gets a ballot with  all the different classes listed and we all get to vote for which cars we like the best in each group.  I think this is an excellent way to judge the show. It gave us something to do all morning and we could walk off some of the tastey and huge breakfast the ladies at the Skamokawa Methodist Church were serving for a fundraiser.

Here are my personal favorites from the show.

I loved the Rat Rods, I want one!

Todd picked our best in show car, this beautiful red 1950's Chevy truck with ghost flames.

The Studebaker Avanti had candy red paint that absolutely glowed!

A man checking out the Avanti told us that its the car that put the Studebaker company into bankruptcy.  A shame, perhaps it was just too odd for mainstream America.  But what an interesting and ornate car!

Here's another Studebaker . If I could chop the top on this and paint it black, I'd call it a dream car.

Another of  my picks.  This army jeep was way cool!!!  It had a place for everything, canteens, helmet holders, a rifle holder right on the hood, a huge machine gun.  What's not to love about this awesome utilitarian vehicle?  I'm guessing the 'ride' might not be quite as cushy as those big Bel Aires and Impalas, but really I loved this one, plus its topless :)

We saw some unusual vehicles too. A little Nash Metropolitan that had been converted into a mini-truck.  Somehow I didn't get a picture of that one.

Some really LOW cars.  Wow. I think this one won the award for being the lowest.  Since its in the grass, they got both a plaque, a weed sprayer, and two gallons of weed spray from Tractor Supply Store.

More cool cars!

It was a  good time!

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HHmstead said...

Love your Malibu's! We had one years ago & Butch even raced one way back when!

Looks like a great way to spend a sunny day!