Thursday, June 2, 2011

While we wait.

If it wasn't for EHV-1 I might be packing up stuff and getting ready to go to Klickitat Trek.  Sigh.

I would be a little nervous after Dazzby's last ride and the pull for lameness.

As it is, I have spent the majority of this week kind of sulking around, I'm pretty sure that's due to the wretched weather we have been experiencing here in Western Wa.  Perusing the internet and some of my favorite blogs, it appears we are not alone in our weather misery. 

My parents actually experienced a tornado last week, so I guess I really shouldn't be complaining too much!  Mom and Tad are fine, and had no damage to their place, but my grandmother's neighborhood in town was torn up a bit.

Monday I went to Cathlamet to see Cartman.  He has been at Shawn's for about 6 weeks and is really coming along nicely.  Shawn has him so responsive and light in the bridle I almost can't believe it.  He also has the nicest little QH style "whoa".  I love it.  I could never have gotten him this far along by myself and I'm really glad to have indulged myself by having a professional do some more training with him.

Last summer, and even last fall when I did get to ride Cartman his canter was reminiscent of a giant brown giraffe.  Lumbering, shall we say?  Monday I could really see improvement and the beginning of some self-carriage.  I was on cloud nine all day after my ride, I CAN'T WAIT for the trails to dry out so I can get him home and out on the trail!

So, while I wait for my next ride I am pondering and planning.  I really want to try a 50.  After Mt. Adams I wasn't sore like I had been after Milwaukee.  I think I can do it.  I'm kinda nervous about my horse now though.  I definately won't be doing a 50 at the Renegade Rendezvous Ride in the end of June.  I hear its a pretty difficult ride, compared to some of our other rides.  So, if Dazzby does well at Renegade I will be looking for the perfect ride to attempt our next goal. 


AareneX said...

The 25-miler at Renegade is also difficult, just so you know: lots of up/down, up/down. The 50 this year will be the 25 mile loop plus some shorter loops closer to camp--we can't get to the higher loops including Clover Springs because there is STILL sn*w! So, be ready for a slow, strenuous but totally do-able 25 at Renegade. Usually the 50 miler is slightly easier than the 25 at Renegade (not nearly as much incline/decline), but the trails are different this year because of the sn*w. I'll try to make a complete Renegade trail report on Thursday before the ride, but it totally depends on my access to Internet, and electricity....

Looking for a 50, hmmm.

Sunriver isn't bad. Bandit is really pretty, and not nearly as challenging as Renegade, but a very long drive from WA. Elbe will be difficult. Bare Bones will be not-too-hard unless it rains, which may make it really-freaking-hard because those trails are designed so poorly.

I guess there's always Idaho....

CG said...

Bare Bones is one I was considering, it has the added advantage of only being about 1 hour away from my house. The rain thing might be problematic, unless we have some major upgrades in our weather between now and Sept:)

One of the Outback rides might work well, timewise. I'm not sure about the footing on those rides though , for some reason I keep thinking they have a lot of sand.

Are you and Fiddle doing the 50 at Renegade this year?

I'm excited, I've never been to this ride before. The Gulf oil spill blew it for me last year!

AareneX said...

I've heard the footing at the Outback rides is pretty good. Since it's a multiday, you could always do a 25 to suss the trails, and kick up to a 50 later in the week.

Renegade: Fee and I will be in camp all week; the distance we ride on Saturday depends entirely on how much work she has to do in the days prior...but I'd really *like* to do the 50! Bring your camera, it's pretty-pretty-pretty.