Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pinky Gets Her Nails Done

Another trip down to the vet.  We had planned on going Monday but the snow and bad weather forced me to postpone.

Today is was just raining, raining, raining...

It smelled like a nail salon at the vet clinic as Pinky got her special glue on acrylic shoe and an acrylic hoof patch. 

Here are a few photos of the event.

5 weeks since reset of the bar shoe

getting prepped for acrylic and fiberglass.

Someone isn't easy to work on, and requires a little sedation.

wrapped in saran, to get the shoe dry and set.

shoe is on!

After drilling a few small holes, Doc inserts metal "zip ties" across the hoof split.

He twisted the wires together to form a patch.

Wires are on, now for more acrylic.

Some strange "vet cart" here!  Complete with a drill.

More acrylic.

I didn't get a picture after the vet wrap was removed.  It looks awesome, and VERY stable.  She'll stay in this for hopefully 6-8 weeks and then have at least one more glue on reset.

The vet and farrier have a client who is using these shoes on her trail horse and they are working very well.  Pretty cool :)

Off to the PNER convention tomorrow!


Funder said...

I'm so sorry her hoof keeps splitting, but that looks like a fantastic solution. Fingers crossed! Drive safe in your bad weather.

AareneX said...

Wow. That's just amazing!

See you tomorrow, travel safely.

HHmstead said...

There's an award on my blog for you!

I'm impressed with your work! Amazing! Fingers crossed that it works! Will be at the trade show for a bit on Sat.

Dom said...

Here's hoping this is the solution you need!